Speakerbus ships trading turret

Source: Speakerbus

Speakerbus, a global leader in trader voice solutions for the equity, capital markets and wealth management segments of the financial industry, today announced i turret, a new trading turret that can reduce the cost of trader voice services by up to 50 percent.

Speakerbus' i turret is the newest solution in its i series suite of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) products that increase the resilience, flexibility and power of trading room voice solutions (ARD, MRD and Hoot n' Holler) by offering a "Plug and Trade" approach to trader voice technology. Speakerbus' i turret provides traders a competitive advantage without the extensive back room and support costs associated with digital and quasi-IP hybrid turret systems.

The i turret uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) technology working with SIP-enabled IP-PBX infrastructures to deliver a significantly improved return on investment when compared to traditional trading platforms. Connecting the trading turret directly to the PBX in converged network environments offers more responsive, cost-efficient solutions reducing operational costs and enhancing employee productivity.

"Traditional turrets are limited by the closed nature of previous telecommunications technologies," said Speakerbus Managing Director, Andy Wodhams. "As the market breaks free from traditional, single vendor closed systems it heralds in a new era in trading. By not adhering to the traditional paradigm of single vendor options, truly best-of-breed solutions can be achieved for the financial trading community."

Speakerbus' i series reduces the back room footprint to save costs, decrease complexity and minimize support skills which are important issues for regional offices, hedge funds and operations in emerging markets.

Key benefits of Speakerbus' i turret include:
  • SIP-based Architecture Integrating with industry Standard SIP Enabled PBX's
  • Reduced Backroom
  • Multi-party Line Sharing
  • Up to Eight Speaker Channels per Module
  • Full-duplex Conferencing
  • Adaptive Pagination

    Speakerbus conducted extensive research with strategic customers and industry experts over several months to finalize a comprehensive management strategy for the i turret and other members of the i series solutions portfolio. The result is a centralized global management system (i cms) which fundamentally equips administrators with powerful and cost-effective global management capabilities. The i cms portal application utilizes a Microsoft powered server and database presented via a browser-based user interface.
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