Coral8 and Sybase report reseller agreement

Source: Coral8

Coral8, a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, today announced a reseller agreement with Sybase that will enable global organizations to easily implement high-impact, next generation event-driven applications within their enterprise information fabric.

The reseller agreement allows Sybase to offer the Coral8 Engine and Portal as a general purpose CEP platform in conjunction with any Sybase solution globally.

The joint solutions delivered by the collective Sybase and Coral8 products will enable the continuous flow of information and intelligence to critical decision-makers and action-takers throughout any enterprise. The high performance continuous processing engine of Coral8 coupled with the superior information management and delivery software of Sybase provides a manageable, flexible and scalable solution architecture for easy deployment of real-time business applications with rapid change to the needs of the business.

Customers can take advantage of the joint Coral8-Sybase application for low-latency, high-speed financial trading applications, as well as intra-day risk analytics, model development and backtesting.

As announced at the SIFMA Technology Management Conference in New York on June 10, two companies have integrated the Coral8 Engine and Sybase RAP - The Trading Edition for high-speed, high volume financial trading applications. The integrated solution offers a "closed loop" financial trading application environment where trading strategies and risk models can be quickly developed, rapidly back-tested, easily deployed, and continually tuned to the needs of trading operations in a real-time, high volume information architecture. The solution can effectively analyze, integrate and manage the large volumes of real-time, near-time and historical data necessary to deliver competitive advantage in today's fast moving financial markets.

"The combination of the Coral8 CEP platform and Sybase information management will enable us to deliver a rich, continuous flow of critical information in the financial trading environment," said Steve Capelli, President of Sybase Field Operations. "The partnership and integrated offering between our two companies is already dedelivering value to a large investment services provider here in the U.S."

"The combined Sybase and Coral8 solutions will enable customers to create a new class of information applications that continually monitors the pulse of the operations and customer interactions," said Terry Cunningham, CEO, Coral8, Inc. "This partnership will deliver competitive advantage to our joint customers in financial trading as well as introduce these benefits to a wide array of industry solutions."

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