Xtrakter launches execution venue league table

Source: Xtrakter

Xtrakter, the fixed income market utility, launched today a league table of execution venues for the market.

The league table outlines both the top 10 venues of execution for the Fixed Income and Equities markets.

OTC remained the largest method of execution for equities processed by Xtrakter at 22.10% of the share. However, the three listed NYSE EURONEXT companies represented 25.71% of the total share. Below is a breakdown of these top 10 venues of execution for Equities.

Top 10 Venues of Execution for Equities*:

Venue of Execution:
(Over The Counter, 22.10%)

  1. Euronext Paris, 17.45%
  2. Deutsche Boerse, 11.66%
  3. Nasdaq (USA), 7.35%
  4. Electronic Share Market, 6.31%
  5. Chi-x (Europe) Ltd, 6.13%
  6. Virt-x, 6.09%
  7. Euronext Amsterdam, 5.55%
  8. London Stock Exchange, 4.51%
  9. Euronext Brussels, 2.71%
  10. Other venues, 10.14%

Since the implementation of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) market participants are required to report their venues of execution to EU competent authorities. Xtrakter compiled the data based on transaction reports (to the FSA, AFM, AMF & NBB) and matched trades processed through the TRAX system during the month of May 2008.

OTC was also the largest method of execution for fixed income securities processed by representing 88.01% of the total share. Tradeweb (Europe) Ltd held 1.93% and MTS SPA held 1.87% of the total share processed by Xtrakter. Below is a breakdown of the top 10 venues of execution for the Fixed Income market.

TOP 10 Venues of Execution for the Fixed Income market*:

Venue of Execution:
(Over The Counter, 88.01%)

  1. Tradeweb (Europe) Ltd, 1.93%
  2. MTS SPA, 1.87%
  3. ICAP Electronic (Europe), 1.23%
  4. Euro Global MTS, 0.75%
  5. Bondvision, 0.65%
  6. London Stock Exchange, 0.47%
  7. Euro MTS, 0.38%
  8. ICAP Electronic (USA), 0.32%
  9. GFI Credit Match, 0.24%
  10. Other venues, 4.17%

Xtrakter is a unique market entity holding considerable data on live bonds and equities, redeemed securities, fixed income pricing, bond yields, new issuance, securities terms and conditions, coupon rates, corporate actions and more for over 1.5m instruments, dating back as far as 1981.

Xtrakter processes on average 1.5m transaction reports daily to the FSA, AFM, AMF & NBB on behalf of its regulatory reporting clients in addition to trades matched via the TRAX matching and risk reduction system.

*The league tables do not included data relating to systematic internalisers (SIs) or data for trades conducted on the LSE stock exchange trading system (SETS). Further information about this survey can be found on xtrakter.com.

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