Bank of China live with Misys Opics Plus

Source: Misys

The Bank of China, China's biggest trader in foreign exchange, has gone live with an advanced treasury and capital markets solution from Misys (FTSE: MSY.L), the global application software and services company.

Misys Opics Plus as been installed at the banks head office in Beijing, and also rolled out across its network of offices in Sydney, Tokyo, Macau, Singapore, Frankfurt, London and Paris. With the new platform expected to help the bank increase trading volumes by 50% over the next year.

The Bank of China has been a long standing client of Misys and has successfully implemented Misys Opics for a number of years. As technology platforms have evolved, and volumes of foreign exchange trades have increased over recent years, however, Bank of China felt they needed an upgrade that would provide increased efficiency and enable them to better handle these rapidly growing demands across all of their offices.

Misys Opics Plus is a front-to-back multi asset-class and cross-border derivatives system that handles foreign exchange and money market instruments, as well as market standard derivatives and retail-structured products. Moving the original Misys Opics to the .NET environment of Misys Opics Plus has given the system a significant performance edge, and the new tiered architecture allows organisations to run tasks in parallel, ensuring scalability to meet the needs of banks' operations as they evolve.

Furthermore, by using server-based processing Misys Opics Plus can process higher volumes of transactions than ever before and can also scale to meet any additional volume needs as they develop. The Bank of China estimates that in their case, this improved functionality should allow them to increase their volume of trades by 50% or more.

With the exponential growth experienced in the level of foreign exchange trades over recent years, this system will help enable The Bank of China to maintain its competitive advantage and hold its position as the leading foreign exchange trader in China. This is one of a number of system upgrades the bank is implementing across its operations to ensure it provides customers with the best possible services.

Graeme Beardsell, Managing Director of Misys Solutions for Banking, Treasury and Capital Markets, Asia Pacific, added, "As the level of international business conducted in China continues to grow, comprehensive and scalable software solutions are vital in helping the country's leading banks create new revenue opportunities and provide new products for customers. We implemented Misys Opics Plus quickly and efficiently at the Bank of China, and enabled a smooth transition to the new platform, ensuring minimal disruption to trading."

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