Gruppo Banco Popolare deploys Anacomp document management software

Source: Anacomp

Anacomp Inc., a leading business process solutions company, today announced that Gruppo Banco Popolare, a leading banking and financial services institution in Italy, has selected Anacomp to capture, manage and archive signature documents originating from its approximately 1,000 Banca Popolare di Lodi branches.

The bank will utilize docHarbor Websafe, the Italian version of Anacomp's docHarbor Online repository, to capture and access millions of images and concurrently make documents available to its various branches.

Anacomp will scan documents directly at the branch offices, working closely with branch staff under the guidelines of the bank's central office and within the rules required by Italian banking regulations. Branch offices will leverage the Websafe repository to immediately view and verify signatures and identities of customers requesting bank transactions in real time while they are standing in front of the teller.

"We've successfully utilized Anacomp's online document repository to verify signatures within part of our banking group, Banco Popolare di Verona e Novara, and have now decided to leverage the solution for our entire bank," said Carlo Spaletta Tavella of Gruppo Banco Popolare. "Anacomp has always provided high quality service that meets our needs, and we'll be relying on Anacomp's online document repository to make crucial data available to all our employees in order to provide the very best service to our customers."

"We're pleased Gruppo Banco Popolare will be expanding its use of Websafe to empower its employees and reduce customer waiting time, which is a distinct advantage for the bank," said Paolo Sardi, General Manager of Anacomp Italia. "Anacomp is proud to be a preferred provider to one of Italy's largest and most respected banking groups. Our positive reputation is growing as we satisfy the complex requirements of banks that desire to better manage their business processes and meet the needs of their customers."

The Banco Popolare was created from the merger of Banco Popolare di Verona e Novara and Banca Popolare Italiana. The bank is one of Italy's largest, with more than 21,000 employees, 3 million customers and 2,200 branches throughout the country.

Anacomp's docHarbor Online document repository offers a scalable, robust solution for managing information in today's web-enabled enterprise. The solution provides the capture, management, delivery and storage of crucial documents as part of a highly secure, rapidly implemented, and extremely cost- effective document management solution. With Anacomp's online document repository, users have secure access to their data and documents anytime, anywhere.

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