Financial Service Centers Cooperative extends Digital Dialogue call centre deal

Source: Digital Dialogue

Digital Dialogue, a PSCU Financial Services company and nationwide provider of 24/7 call center operations and software solutions to credit unions, has signed a 10-year contract extension with San Dimas, Calif.-based Financial Service Centers Cooperative Inc. (FSCC).

FSCC, which Digital Dialogue first partnered with in 2003, is a cooperative credit union service organization (CUSO) providing a shared branching network of credit unions that "share" branches to serve members in remote or distant areas. The news was announced at San Dimas, Calif.-based Financial Service Centers Cooperative Inc.'s (FSCC) 2008 annual meeting in Chicago.

Digital Dialogue provides call center services to credit unions belonging to FSCC's shared branch network. Currently, more than 12 million credit union members have access to FSCC's call center outlet throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico and on U.S. military bases in five countries. Through its partnership with FSCC, Digital Dialogue processed 1.2 million transactions in 2006 and 1.8 million in 2007.

The FSCC shared branching network has 5,000 access points for credit union members to use, which is more than any other shared branching network. FSCC provides members access to a call center, credit union kiosks, 2,000 7-Eleven Kiosks and over 2,900 branches worldwide.

"Digital Dialogue offers our various credit union affiliates total member service with 24/7/365 call center operations," said Sarah Canepa Bang, chief executive officer of FSCC. "Because our credit union network is geographically disbursed throughout the world, the technology that Digital Dialogue offers is invaluable to our credit unions and their members. Having call center services available at any time of day or night is crucial to total member service, specifically for our military service members stationed overseas."

Digital Dialogue developed custom-branded call center services specifically for FSCC credit unions and members, including transactional support, customized greetings for each credit union and other scripting options. Digital Dialogue's operations become a seamless extension of each credit union's internal facilities that - with FSCC's shared branching - reach members worldwide.

"Working with FSCC over the past five years, Digital Dialogue has grown both its market share and products and service offering with custom-branded call center services," said Peter Schmitt, president of Digital Dialogue. "24/7/365 total member service is mandatory for any credit union that hope to meet and exceed the needs of its ever-changing, ever-demanding members. Shared branching offers credit unions a unique opportunity to serve members no matter where they are in the world. Digital Dialogue helps them do it better, faster and more consistently."

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