Coral8 releases CEP system for use with Wombat market data technology

Source: Coral8

Coral8, Inc., a leading provider of Complex Event Processing (CEP) software, and Wombat, a world leader in market data management solutions and member of NYSE Euronext Advanced Trading Solutions, today announced the Coral8-Wombat Edition, a new integrated package of Coral8's industry leading CEP platform for use with Wombat high-speed market data infrastructure.

The easy installation, out-of-the-box configuration and trading solution examples of the Coral8-Wombat Edition will bring a new level of speed and simplicity for the development and deployment of low-latency trading solutions.

"Advanced, high-speed trading solutions based on CEP technology have become far more prolific over the past twelve to eighteen months," said Adam Honore, Senior Analyst, the Aite Group. "The suppliers that make it easier for customers to access, use and implement solutions will gain tremendous advantage in the market."

The Coral8-Wombat Edition is an integrated package containing the following:
  • The Coral8 Engine (Server, Studio and Adapters)
  • Wombat MAMA Input and Output Adapters
  • High-speed libraries for industry standard analytics such as VWAP, TWAP, Implied Volatility, Greeks and Black-Scholes
  • Pre-defined canonical quote and trade data schemas
  • Advanced trading solution examples in Coral8's Continuous Computation Language (CCL)

    The package can be easily plugged into and configured with any Wombat market data management system. IT teams can further accelerate their trading solution development using the data schemas, sample data and trading solution examples.

    "Today customers want a low-touch, out-of-the-box product experience, freeing them to fully concentrate on delivering for their customers," said Danny Moore, Wombat CEO. "The Coral8-Wombat Edition brings this model to high-speed, low-latency trading software, and will further accelerate trading solution development and delivery."

    The alliance between Wombat and Coral8 was established early in 2007, with the two companies delivering joint product solutions in May of 2007. In the year since the initial integrated products offerings were released, the two companies have sold and implemented trading solutions for a dozen (12) different firms including trading networks, institutional investment banks, hedge funds and asset management firms.

    "Wombat continues to be an integral part of Coral8's and our customers' success in the financial trading market," said Terry Cunningham, Coral8 CEO. "With Wombat now part of the NYSE Euronext Advanced Trading Solutions, our two companies will be able to tackle a broader array of even larger-scale application solutions."
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