Xenomorph signs Four-Wire Capital

Source: Xenomorph

Xenomorph, the leading data and analytics management platform for derivatives, risk and trading, today announced a deal with Four-Wire Capital, an alternative investment fund specializing in cross-asset trading strategies.

Four-Wire is leveraging the Xenomorph TimeScape data and analytics platform and has reduced the time taken to analyse huge data sets from several days to under 20 minutes - a significant competitive advantage as Four-Wire continues to grow and develop new statistical-based investment strategies.

Four Wire's decision to integrate Xenomorph's Timescape solution is a strategic, long-term investment that allows the fund to spend more time making better trading decisions and less time on data processing. As Four-Wire continues to grow and the market becomes increasingly complex, TimeScape will scale to the company's needs, creating significant flexibility to meet changing business needs.

"TimeScape's flexible framework has enabled us to explore and test new investment strategies in a matter of minutes, rather than days, while increasing the effectiveness of our current strategies significantly," said Peter Simon, founder, Four-Wire Capital. "Xenomporph's technology has revolutionised the way strategies are implemented at the fund."

Prior to working with Xenomorph, Four-Wire's data capture and mining process was largely a manual process. With the growth in data volumes putting manual spreadsheet analysis of data under increasing strain, Four-Wire needed a flexible, high-performance and easy-to-use data and analytics management infrastructure. The fund needed a reliable solution capable of mining data quickly and efficiently - essentially combining data with a number of proprietary calculations to filter and identify the equities that might be considered for inclusion in their portfolio.

"Xenomorph is delighted that Four-Wire Capital has benefited so much from the integration of our TimeScape solution with their investment process.," said Mark Woodgate, founding partner, Xenomorph. "The issue of getting vital information from increasingly large and unwieldy data sets is a burden shared by many funds - and can be alleviated readily by TimeScape.

We are coontinuing to see TimeScape pushing the bar to enable strategies to be implemented and tested far quicker than ever before and with less effort - a great formula for success."

Four-Wire was able to implement TimeScape within just a few weeks. As a result, the end-to-end data capture and analysis process takes no more than a few minutes. TimeScape's easy-to-use interface has enabled business users - with minimal programming skills - to develop complex calculations easily so that complete market data sets can be analysed quickly.

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