Reconciliation software outfit Adramatch opens London office

Source: Adramatch

Adramatch, a financial service company specialising in reconciliation software that enables companies to be more efficient in saving time and resources with reconciliation software has opened in the UK to support its extensive client base with a dedicated sales office in London.

Accounting department are experiencing deadlines that are becoming shorter, while the demands of fast and accurate reporting are increasing.

Reconciliation of accounts is an important factor in ensuring that the delivered reports are correct. Manual processes also depends on the person performing them, with electronic reconciliation you can now introduce a standard routine for all reconciliations throughout your organisation.

Adramatch reconciliation software has been proven in over 3000 companies that need to comply with existing financial regulations

  • Automatically monitor your information.
  • Import data from different sources and in different formats directly into Adramatch software.
  • Have errors identified early to reduce errors in your business.
  • Automatically manage all types of data allowing information to be reconciled without reformatting.
  • Easily bridges the information divide between your company, clients, and service providers enabling information to be automatically checked and validated between all related parties.
  • Easy to configure different types of monitoring processes.
  • Adramatch integrates the flow of data between different applications and your Bank Statement.

The architecture of the software is designed to support your organisation with flexible solutions in setting up account structures, clients and other departments.
Adramatch assists companies to comply fully with all UK, EU and US financial requirements.

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