Fundability launches deal management SaaS for venture capital firms

Source: Fundability

Fundability today announced the launch of a new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution built specifically for venture capital firms and other private equity investment groups.

InvestorFundability is a secure private-labeled web platform that applies workflow intelligence to streamline deal flow management and deal syndication. The solution includes an online repository for digital documents and streaming deal commentary to simplify communications with Limited Partners (LPs), co-investors in portfolio companies and the portfolio companies' senior executives.

"Quality deal flow is the life blood of venture capital. There are more than 500,000 companies seeking funding in the US at any given time. Finding and syndicating great deals is what VCs do. We designed InvestorFundability as a new way for investors to identify a fundable deal earlier in the cycle and accelerate the syndication of the best deals with other VCs," said Steve Nilan, Fundability's CEO and Co-founder. "We are addressing the needs of private equity with a holistic solution - much like ERP and CRM did for other markets."

InvestorFundability is designed as an extension a VC firm's current web site including integrated branding, logo and colors. The service makes it easy to capture and filter potential investments based on the firm's investment criteria matched against pre-defined meta data. When a deal is chosen for further review, InvestorFundability can be used by the fund management team to work the deal from initial research through due diligence, syndication and deal closing with other investors. Once a deal is closed, the tool becomes the primary reporting platform for ongoing investor relations as well as Board-level communications.

InvestorFundability is available in single-user versions for a monthly SaaS fee of $149 with quantity discounts for multi-user packages. The InvestorFundability product complements Fundability's open web 2.0 marketplace where seed and early stage companies and accredited investors connect via Company Snapshots, web video and interactive due diligence tools. Companies that join the Fundability Marketplace pay a monthly subscription fee of $24.99. Individual accredited investors join for free and are required to complete an online SEC questionnaire to be accepted for membership. Marketplace and InvestorFundability clients have the ability to refer and syndicate deals between each other such as when an investment is too small for a VC or too big for individual investors.

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