FX Solutions launches mobile trading platform

Source: FX Solutions

FX Solutions, a technology-driven online foreign exchange broker, today introduced GTS Mobile to give forex traders anytime, anywhere access* to their Global Trading System (GTS) accounts.

As with all other GTS platforms, GTS Mobile offers universal account access - allowing users to place trades, access account information and monitor positions opened via any other GTS platform.

"Our customers always want to be able to place a trade when the conditions are right," said Tom Plaut, Co-CEO at FX Solutions. "GTS Mobile gives customers who are on the road, or those who rely on their mobile devices heavily, a fast and easy way to place an order, whether it is to enter, close or hedge a position."

As with the recently launched GTS Web online platform, all trades made through GTS Mobile are reflected in the user's main GTS trading account in real-time. Further, GTS Mobile users enjoy the same 99.45% automated execution of forex orders** they experience through FX Solutions' other GTS platforms.

Free to all FX Solutions practice and live account holders, GTS Mobile has a rich feature list, with many GTS Pro and GTS Web capabilities optimized for GTS Mobile, offering the ability to:
  • Access accounts via more than 1,200 devices, including Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Palm and Java-based platforms
  • Enter market orders
  • View real-time streaming quotes and news
  • Login with single username and password for all four GTS platforms
  • View open positions
  • Create and modify entry orders, stops and limits
  • Generate pending order alerts
  • Show/hide currency pairs to reduce clutter
  • Use forex calculator to see P/L impact of pip moves

    "Just as with GTS Web, FX Solutions is committed to offering access to the world's largest financial market anytime and anywhere," said Plaut. "Many of our customers live in locations where the reliance on mobile devices is high, and cell phones and PDAs are often used as the primary connection to the Internet. In the US alone, it is estimated that over 9 million mobile device users downloaded applications in 2007."

    In February 2008, FX Solutions merged with City Index Group, a London-based provider of retail derivative trading services, including CFDs, forex and spread betting.

    *During normal market hours whenever the markets are open (Sunday 16:00 to Friday 16:30 Eastern Time)

    **For the time period of January 1, 2008 through March 31, 2008
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