Fortis selects LogicScope's RT Server for move to Telerate platform

Source: Logiscope

Fortis Bank of Brussels has chosen LogicScope Realisations Ltd to provide gateway integration services in connection with the installation of Telerate's TRS platform in its three major dealing rooms in Benelux, LogicScope announced today.

The decision to use TRS followed a two-year project called the Fortis Information Providing System, or FIPS, designed to rationalise the bank's market data infrastructure and move to a single platform for its dealing room operations. In a press release on September 20, Fortis reported that TRS would be implemented in Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg, replacing Reuters Kobra front ends, stand-alone Active8 and Channel positions with 700 Active8 positions based on the central TRS market data backbone.

Fortis has been a user of TIB in each of the rooms and migration to TRS had to be as seamless as possible. To effect this migration, Fortis has decided to use LogicScope's RT server product, which incorporates publish and subscribe mechanisms, as a gateway providing reliable and real-time bi-directional translation of data streams between the bank's old TIB and new TRS. The use of RT Server facilitates the use of data feeds on both platforms until all applications can be moved from one to the other.

Nick Dyne, LogicScope's chief executive officer, said, "RT Server is a unique migration tool, ideally suited to a situation such as the one unfolding at Fortis. RT Server maximises a client's investment in financial data solutions by integrating data, applications and platforms. Banks can benefit from reduced data costs, increased flexibility and added resilience by mixing and matching services between trading floors, both locally and internationally. This is especially valuable in a platform transition, or, say, a bank merger, where a client must accommodate access to all its data services across different platforms."

Simon Lee, Marketing Director at Telerate EMEA, said: "We've been through extensive and rigorous testing of the Fortis project. Telerate has full confidence in all aspects of the application and in LogicScope's ability to support it."

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