Innotap chooses Aleri to power RealDeal platform

Source: Aleri

Aleri, a leading provider of enterprise-class Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology, and Innotap, the leading provider of real-time, complex event monitoring, alerting and decisioning software for energy trading, today announced they have entered into a partnership.

Innotap plans to power its RealDeal real-time decision lifecycle management system by using Aleri's CEP platform.

"We spent a lot of time researching available technologies that could help us," said Ron Swartz, President of Innotap. "After looking at both BPM and CEP vendors, and concluding we needed something that would handle high volumes of data in real-time and be flexible enough to define very complex strategies and events, we determined that Aleri's high-performance CEP platform was the best fit. Moreover, we're glad to be partnered with a solid company and an experienced executive team that's enjoyable to work with."

Aleri's CEP engine will enable RealDeal to continuously analyze real-time data feeds so it can alert a trader instantly when a targeted business condition is detected, and facilitate an immediate response. RealDeal is a comprehensive solution for planning, execution and evolution of energy trading strategies that manages real-time decisions made during the trade lifecycle.

"Innotap will introduce the power of complex event processing to the energy market," said Don DeLoach, President and CEO of Aleri. "We are excited that Innotap selected Aleri to help develop the first CEP powered application specifically designed for the energy trading industry that will provide its users with the ability to better understand the world around them as it changes rapidly, so they can act sooner and with greater confidence."

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