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Source: BME Innova

BME has launched BME BackGuard, a new product for the financial sector designed for small and medium enterprises that enables firms to comply with security and continuity regulations.

It is a smart system and its technology has been fully developed by BME INNOVA.

BME INNOVA started operations in 2006 with the development and launch of BME's Business Contingency and Continuity services. It comprises a range of services tailored to the needs of Members and other market participants as well as large financial institutions.

BME BackGuard enables the immediate implementation of a comprehensive Business Contingency and Continuity solution which does not require maintenance and which not only secures critical data (back up solution) but also critical functions (systems and applications) in case of disruption.

BME BackGuard is a smart system which, once it is incorporated into a company's local network, it autonomously generates daily backup copies of all data, operating systems and applications; with the utmost security and confidentiality it then passes all this information on to BME INNOVA for custody purposes.

Thanks to this, if there are any disruptions that prevent the company from carrying out its operations as normal, it will be able to continue working with the same systems it was using before the disruption (keeping data and configurations for all applications and systems) from INNOVA's facilities or from any location with Internet access.

BME BackGuard can be summarised as:

  • A new service that secures data and functions and therefore guarantees the continuation of business in case of disruption. That is to say, it is a comprehensive Business Contingency and Continuity solution and not just a back up facility.
  • Its implementation and configuration is immediate.
  • It works autonomously and therefore clients do not have to waste time dealing with maintenance or updates. This smart process is remotely supervised by BME INNOVA staff.
  • The system's technical requirements are minimum, as it does not make it necessary to add further applications or services not previously hired dd by the clients. Its only technical requirements are servers based on a local area network (LAN) with a standard Internet connection (not high speed).
  • It is fully endorsed by BME's quality seal with respect to treatment of confidential information as the solution relies on the same information management standards as those used in the treatment of market data.

BME BackGuard is a step forward in BME INNOVA's commitment to offering highly technological services, optimising the use of BME's resources to increase the competitiveness of Spanish businesses.

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