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Intervoice (Nasdaq: INTV) today announced the availability of Intervoice Voice Portal 5, (IVP 5) with significant new benefits for customers of all sizes.

Among the features is Multi-Channel Outbound Notification which includes SMS, email and voice alerts that provide real-time notification of time-sensitive account events, emergencies and transactions. With this version either Nuance or IBM is available for speech recognition, text-to-speech and speaker identity verification. In addition to addressing large enterprise needs for a highly scalable solution, IVP 5 is also available in an all-in-one configuration for small to midsize enterprises. IVP, based on Intervoice's open standards software platform, enables the creation and execution of call control, speech and multimodal applications all based on a flexible architecture to ensure optimal scalability. IVP 5 is a component of Intervoice Contact Portal, also announced today.

Multi-Channel Outbound Notification, allows enterprises to be more proactive in communicating with their customers, thereby strengthening customer relationships while eliminating the need for customers to call into the contact center. For example, Intervoice customers already rely on this application to notify their customers of delayed flights, overage charges for mobile phones or updates on service outages and repairs. This capability supports multiple communications channels including voice, text message (SMS), and email by delivering real-time notifications via the channel or channels preferred by the customer.

This release provides support for the latest Nuance products including Nuance Recognizer 9 and RealSpeak 4.5 and adds support for IBM Websphere Voice Server (WVS) with Speaker Verification (SV). Enterprises can have more choices to meet the growing demand for adding speech to existing applications and developing new speech-enabled applications as well as for adding voice or multi-factor authentication solutions. Callers will have more efficient interactions due to higher accuracy and the enablement of more natural conversations.

For small to midsize companies that are concerned about server footprint, rack space and data center overhead, Intervoice has developed a single server all-in-one version of IVP 5. This configuration offers customers the opportunity to consolidate IVR functionality into a single server increasing the opportunity to lower deployment and operational costs.

"There is a growing customer demand for Voice Portal technology in a variety of industries and companies of all sizes around the world. As customers become more accustomed to living in a multimedia world where customer experience is key and includes having access to information via any channel, enterprises have a responsibility to evolve with their customers or risk losing market share," said Ian Jacobs, senior analyst, Frost & Sullivan. "Intervoice has a clear understanding of how to help companies evolve with their customers. Migrating from IVR to voice portal technology is vital for long term success."

Jacobs explained that the term portal is synonymous with gateway or an entry point into a suite of information. Just as a web portal is an anchor to all the information available within a website, a voice portal is a web portal that can be accessed entirely by audible tones (DTMF) or speech recognition. Ideally, any type of information, service, or transaction found via the Internet can be accessed through a voice portal.

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