GL Trade opens Tel Aviv connectivity hub

Source: GL Trade

GL Trade, global provider of multi-market and multi-asset solutions for international financial institutions, is pleased to announce the implementation of a new connectivity hub (GL NET hub) in Tel Aviv, Israel.

This hub, the 18th point of presence for GL TRADE in the EMEA region, will support the company's growing local business operations and international investors' access to these markets.

By offering Israeli financial institutions access to GL NET, the international low-latency market data and order routing network, GL TRADE opens to the Tel Aviv financial marketplace a community that today includes almost 700 of the largest international financial institutions, who provides DMA execution services to more than 140 equities, derivatives, commodities, fixed income and forex markets. Via GL NET, exchange members can also establish their own simple and cost-effective trading connections to over 60 major exchanges, by taking advantage of GL TRADE's ASP (application service provider) offering.

Reflecting strong client demand the new hub will enable international investors to directly access the growing Israeli financial markets. Buy- and sell-side institutions can deploy GL NET via GL TRADE workstations, FIX or third-party applications.

Philippe Carré, Global Head of Client Connectivity at GL TRADE, comments: "It is our ambition to continue rolling out our ‘GL NET everywhere' strategy, supporting DMA execution services worldwide. Developing access to the Tel Aviv financial markets, and at the same time offering Israeli brokers access to our global GL NET community, are key steps in meeting client demand for expansion of their trading opportunities."


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