AFA adds global equities to Impact Pro

Source: Advanced Financial Applications

Advanced Financial Applications (AFA), a leading provider of EMS/OMS trading technologies to buy and sell side financial organizations, today announced that it has expanded its asset class coverage to include global equity markets.

The functionality for non-U.S. routing and execution mirrors what is currently available through AFA's IMPACT Pro™ platform. For U.S. securities, IMPACT Pro's execution management solution offers clients a broker-neutral access to exchanges, ECNs, agency brokers, market-makers, and broker-sponsored algorithms. Now, for international securities, IMPACT Pro users will be able to expand order routing and trade execution to over 82 markets. AFA will provide DMA to 24 European and Asian exchanges as part of the complete offering.
The international application will also offer the ability to queue orders after local market hours for execution when the local market reopens. Clients will also be able to consolidate DMA orders and "done away" trades executed in non-U.S. securities. Further, clients will leverage the functionality already available in AFA's ticket aggregation, allocation, and position management, now applied to non-U.S. securities.

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