Collis validation tool qualified by MasterCard

Source: Collis

Collis announces today that MasterCard has qualified Collis' new MasterCard Card Personalisation Validation (CPV) module within the Collis EMV Personalisation Validation Tool (Collis EMV PVT).

Professional testing of personalised MasterCard EMV/PayPassTM cards is essential to ensure worldwide acceptance of cards. Collis' newly developed module checks if MasterCard cards are correctly personalised according to MasterCards's CPV test specifications.

The CPV module has been qualified by MasterCard to ensure that the tool adheres to MasterCard (test) specifications. With this module issuers of MasterCard cards can speed up the personalisation process and shorten time-to-market. The Collis EMV PVT with the MasterCard CPV module is now the most thorough, comprehensive testing tool available in the market today.

Christian Delporte, Head of Chip Product Development at MasterCard Worldwide said: "We are pleased that the tool offered by Collis, a recognised player in the chip testing market, is qualified as part of the MasterCard program. This qualification offers a test tool available to MasterCard issuers to prepare the formal Card Personalisation Validation session. We are confident that MasterCard issuers will directly benefit from this qualification. MasterCard will inform its customers about qualified test tools via the MasterCard OnLine™ website which reflect the latest status of all qualified tools."

Collis CEO, Dirk Jan van den Heuvel comments: "Recently MasterCard decided to open up the market for third party test tool vendors. Collis is delighted to be one of the first to offer an officially qualified MasterCard testing tool.We anticipate that it will be of great value for MasterCard member banks, card issues."

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