Rolfe & Nolan and Emos Futures sign joint marketing agreement

Source: Rolfe and Nolan

Financial software providers Rolfe & Nolan and Emos Futures today announced a joint marketing and referral agreement enabling Emos products to be marketed by Rolfe & Nolan.

Rolfe & Nolan provides back office derivatives processing software, as well as specific front- and middle-office products. Emos is a market leader in the exchange-traded derivatives middle-office software market, enabling clients to harness a single, global system for all their exchange-traded derivatives. Both companies supply a global blue-chip client base of investment banks, global clearing firms and futures brokers.

Bob Freeman, Rolfe & Nolan chief executive commented: "Our agreement with Emos perfectly complements Rolfe & Nolan's suite of back-office processing software and services. We are both recognised as leading suppliers in our respective fields. This marketing agreement will allow Rolfe & Nolan to market Emos' products to our customers, to our mutual benefit. Emos' solutions will be able to interface directly with our upstream and downstream solutions."

Frederic Darbel, MD of Emos Futures said: "We anticipate many synergies flowing from our marketing alliance with Rolfe & Nolan. Our fit with Rolfe & Nolan is excellent. Many of their products are targeted at the back office - our middle office software will increase their cross selling possibilities."

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