Gresham pilots SwiftNet Mail

Source: Gresham Computing

Gresham Computing is pleased to announce that since becoming a Swift Standardised CORporate Environment (SCORE) member earlier this year it has now commenced piloting the new SWIFTNet Mail solution.

The first test emails were successfully exchanged with a major bank this week.

The solution is simple to use and provides the security, resilience and reach of SWIFTNet. It allows you to send confidential information to other people over SWIFTNet using whatever your current email package may be. Importantly, because SWIFTNet Mail relies on the normal SWIFT 'peer to peer' approach developed for the banking community it also allows you to avoid some of the many risks and annoyances of Internet-based messaging, such as Spam and Phishing.

Chris Errington, CFO at Gresham commented, "Initially, the prospect of a new email solution didn't really appeal because I couldn't help thinking that email in all its forms had already been invented. However, the unique selling points of this solution are not around what it does but much more importantly, how it does it. When I want to send information, such as management accounts, to my bank I need to be sure transmission is secure and really importantly that I am definitely sending the information to the right person - SWIFTNet mail allows me to do this."

"Outside of internal business matters, as a vendor in the Cash Reporting space Gresham is also considering making use of SWIFTNetNet Mail in delivering certificates and passwords to banks participating in the Gresham Clareti Cash Reporting Service. The SWIFTNet Mail service appears to be an ideal route given its resilience and security."

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