Payment Innovations unveils online bill payment site

Source: Payment Innovations

Payment Innovations, a provider of online payment solutions, today announced the official launch of BillCharger allows users to pay any bill with their Visa or MasterCard credit card even if the merchant does not accept credit cards.

BillCharger securely manages the entire bill payment process - users enter only their payment and credit card information.

Designed to ease the temporary cash crunch many consumers and small businesses are feeling today, BillCharger allows consumers and small businesses to charge any expenses, such as rent or car payments, to their credit cards when cash is tight or other payment options do not exist. Given the current state of the economy, an increasing number of consumers are having trouble paying their bills. Nearly 10% of Americans say that paying bills is "very difficult," while according to the Mortgage Bankers Association, nearly 8% of all mortgages are not current, the highest percentage since 1985.

"Many consumers are finding themselves in situations where a bill that usually requires them to write a check is coming due and they don't have the cash available in their checking or savings accounts. BillCharger allows consumers to charge the bill to their credit card and pay the bill on-time, thus avoiding late fees," said co-founder Andrew Fisher. "People have used to pay their rent, mortgage, tuition, medical bills, home contractor bills and many other bills." is the only service of its kind, providing users the ability to pay any bill with their credit card online. BillCharger's interface allows users to speed up the payment process by storing frequently used payee information as well as reduce paperwork by giving users online access to a complete history of the bills they have paid with the service.

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