Parlano to release MindAlign version 6.0

Source: Parlano

Parlano, Inc., a leading provider intelligent enterprise instant messaging applications, today announces MindAlign version 6.0. The sixth generation of Parlano’s MindAlign solution delivers unmatched integration with existing enterprise applications and protocols for enabling persistent, intelligent and secure individual and group messaging to be rapidly deployed throughout the enterprise.

Version 6.0 delivers a secure, scaleable, fault tolerant solution for implementations ranging from small corporate divisions to multi-thousand seat, enterprise-wide deployments. MindAlign helps organizations more efficiently and securely manage communications and information flow between individuals, groups, customers, partners and applications by integrating the intelligent management of real-time communications with key applications, data and business processes.

"As SPAM, global workforce dispersal, new compliance requirements and security issues, and the ever increasing need to respond quickly to customer-critical situations further complicate an already complex business communications environment, enterprise instant messaging will continue to grow in importance," said David Marshak, Senior Vice President for Patricia Seybold Group. "MindAlign version 6.0 builds upon Parlano’s extensive experience in real-time and persistent messaging to enable individuals and groups to become more effective and responsive within their business processes and across their organizations."

Parlano's ability to deliver MindAlign version 6.0 as either a premise-based or a managed service solution allows customers to choose the configuration that best fits their implementation and communications requirements. MindAlign version 6.0 continues Parlano’s tradition of providing proven solutions and unmatched domain expertise enabling enterprise instant messaging to become a core component of an organization’s business communications infrastructure and strategy.

MindAlign version 6.0 includes:
  • Increased Infrastructure Integration: MindAlign version 6.0 extends the integration capabilities of previous releases by introducing support for presence and one-to-one instant messaging capabilities from third-party solutions including Microsoft Office Live Communications Server.
  • MindAlign Web Client: The MindAlign Web Client, a Java applet running either in a web browser, as a stand-alone application or as a portlet within a third-party portal, allows for the complete integration of real-time group discussion forums and private, one-to-one instant messaging sessions within other thin-client applications and/or portals, including Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server. The MindAlign Web Client provides the advanced intelligent message management, real-time notification and alerts capabilities of the existing Microsoft Windows 32-bit client for thin-client environments, enabling easy connectivity to key external customers and business partners.
  • Increased Administration Integration: Version 6.0 introduces complete end-user provisioning and administration through Microsoft Active Directory. This simplifies the process of configuring and administering the application. For users of Active Director, enterprise-wide login, authorization and authentication occur 'out of the box', minimizing administration costs and significantly reducing implementation and system configuration times for large, global enterprises.
  • Enhanced Management & Control: Version 6.0 provides enhanced system management, administration and control by delivering secure, tiered administration rights and permissions enabling discussion forum management control at the most appropriate and efficient level in the organization. Distributed management of day-to-day system configuration requests minimizes help desk support resources and lowers total cost of ownership and increasing system flexibility.
  • Third Party Support for Chinese Walls: Utilizing new server-side APIs, MindAlign can be integrated with third-party systems responsible for enforcing communications controls across Chinese Walls. A key requirement for meeting compliance regulations within the Financial Services industry, MindAlign version 6.0 integrates with permission, enforcement and control applications rather than duplicating existing processes, procedures and applications.

    “Version 6.0 is the culmination of a tremendous effort from the entire Parlano team. It's a critical next step in the evolution of MindAlign as a highly scalable, persistent group messaging platform. We are pleased with the momentum we are seeing within our customers, partners and the market toward the adoption of group-based messaging and collaboration," said Nick Fera, CEO for Parlano. "Delivering improved communications within increasingly complex business and regulatory environments is not easy. Our focus on our customers’ and partners’ requirements to add the scalability, modularity, client-functionality and integrations is core to our continued success."
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