Cadis upgrades enterprise data management software

Source: Cadis Software

Cadis Software, formerly Citadel Associates, the provider of enterprise data management (EDM) systems for the buy-side, today unveiled new features and functionality within its award-winning Cadis EDM Suite.

While the new version -V5.5 - retains the tried and tested functionality clients already use, it also includes three key updates, providing rich financial data at an unrivaled speed.

One of the major enhancements to the solution is the re-engineering of the XML bulk upload feature, in order to meet the growing demand to transfer large amounts of data via XML. This ensures that large files can be imported into Cadis EDM Suite in a fraction of the time, delivering faster batch and intraday processing of data.

The new functionality within Cadis EDM Suite V5.5 will vastly reduce the time required to set up components. While the Cadis EDM Suite has previously been implemented in 12 weeks, the new enhancements will aim to decrease this time to an average of ten weeks, as Cadis looks to extend its lead over market rivals.

"Speed and transparency are the drivers for risk management and opportunity identification in the current capital markets environment," said Adam Honoré, Senior Analyst, Aite Group. "For 2008, data initiatives need to show immediate value to be funded in many organisations. Fast implementation and data consolidation are vital to articulating a return on investment."

A newly added DataMatcher Process rules template represents a cost effective change in the way rules are created and managed. Generic rules can now be defined once at the process level and used across all input sources - vastly simplifying the development and maintenance of a DataMatcher process, resulting in the faster creation of integrated rules and incorporation of new feeds.

The final addition to the Cadis EDM Suite is that permissions to gain access to user interface modules have now been altered to allow them to be assigned at an Active Directory Group level. This results in significantly reduced maintenance. As employees join, change roles or leave an organisation, they can simply have their role membership altered appropriately in Active Directory rather than at the granular component level.

Speaking about the new version of the Cadis EDM Suite, CTO David Suter said: "The new functionality included in our solution is a direct result of us listening to our customers and enhancing the product in line with their desire to gain even more benefits from it. We have always invested heavily in our product and this upgrade is no different. Combining the enhancements with our best practices guide will provide clients with very low lead times in order for them to start gaining real benefit from the Cadis EDM Suite."

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