Hypercom ships mobile POS suite; adds 'pay at the table' functionality to software

Source: Hypercom

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today introduced the Mobile POS Solution Suite, a set of products and services that support the entire mobile POS payment infrastructure with the highest level of security the industry offers.

The Suite includes Hypercom's GPRS mobile payment terminals, Gateway and the Hypercom Mobile Network. Hypercom customers can choose to employ the entire Mobile Payment Solution Suite, or selectively choose individual components, depending on their business needs.

"Mobile POS is currently the fastest growing segment of the payment terminal industry and Hypercom's Mobile POS Solution Suite provides our customers with an easy-to-install product to quickly and securely complete mobile payment transactions," said Clint Jones, Vice President of Service Operations, Hypercom Corporation. "Hypercom's unique approach provides our customers with the essential building blocks for secure Mobile POS transactions that are easy to deploy and easy to maintain and, when combined, eliminate the extra steps and potential problems associated with sourcing different components of the mobile solution from multiple vendors."

The Suite allows credit, debit, gift, loyalty, check, ACH and EBT/food stamp transactions to be securely processed from restaurants, stadiums, outdoor markets, home delivery services, taxis, and any other U.S. merchant location where wireless payment terminals are now used.

Hypercom's Mobile POS Solution Suite includes:

Hypercom's GPRS Mobile Terminals: Merchants can choose between the Optimum T4230, the Optimum M4100 (Blade) and the new Optimum M4230. The M4100 is a palm-sized credit/debit terminal that is a fraction of the size of competitive models with a top-of-the-line high-contrast color touch screen, an optional clip-on printer and signature capture capabilities. The T4230 fixed-wireless and M4230 mobile-wireless terminals feature a crisp 160 x 80 pixel monochrome display and integrated printer. All three GPRS terminals are high-performance, 32-bit, PCI PED-approved platforms that support both magnetic stripe and smart cards and include market-leading memory to accommodate value-added applications such as gift/loyalty programs and dynamic currency conversion.

Hypercom's Gateway: Developed exclusively for the North America market, Hypercom's Gateway quickly and securely routes point-of-sale transactions from mobile payment terminals to the payment processor, handling the complex protocol translation and routing of payment information to credit card and check processors for authorization and settlement. The Gateway also offers a complete suite of management tools for deploying, servicing and managing merchant accounts. Hypercom's Gateway is Class "B" certified with several leading US-based payment processors. Features include:
  • ISO8583 interface accepts transactions from many types of payment terminals
  • Certified by many credit, debit, gift, loyalty and check host processors
  • Internet-based merchant setup and activation
  • Automatic daily batch settlement with e-mail notifications
  • The ability to set up recurring billing contracts to automatically process recurring payment transactions
  • Virtual terminal capabilities enabling merchants to process transactions from any computer with an Internet connection and Web browser
  • Real-time online reporting

Hypercom's Mobile Network: Hypercom's global GPRS network, specifically designed to securely deliver mobile POS transactions, provides coverage on more than 200 GPRS networks in more than 90 countries. Features include:
  • Global GPRS wireless connectivity at the point-of-sale from one single, reliable and qualified source - Hypercom
  • Simple, usage-based billing models with no roaming charges
  • Fast and simple web-based real-time SIM activation
  • 24/7 network technical support

Separately, Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) today announced its popular payment software, SPOS32, now enables restaurant customers a quick, secure and convenient way to "pay at the table." The software's new "Pay-by-Customer" functionality is available in Hypercom's Optimum M4230, M4240 and M4100 mobile POS terminals. The SPOS32 software was developed exclusively for the North American market and is certified by the leading payment processors and acquirers.

When Pay-by-Customer software features are activated, customers never have to hand their credit or debit card over to the waiter. Instead, the waiter simply brings the compact payment device to the table and presents it to the customer. The customer verifies the amount of the bill that appears on the device's screen, selects a tip, swipes his card, signs his name and takes a copy of the receipt.

"It's time to bring sensible, high security payment systems to restaurants that want to enhance the consumer experience, and we are doing just that with the Optimum M4230, M4240 and M4100," said Heidi Goff, President and Managing Director, Americas, Hypercom Corporation. "Enjoyable dining experiences can quickly become frustrating when the customer has to wait for the bill, and then wait longer for their credit card to be picked up, taken to the cash register and returned for a signature. These new systems simplify and speed up the entire process, and that's a win-win for the customer, the waiter and the restaurant."

In addition to speed and convenience, the consumer-activated, high-security Optimum devices combat credit card "skimming," a growing form of fraud that is prevalent in restaurants and other environments where consumers hand over their payment cards to be processed out of their sight. Skimming victimizes consumers, causes havoc with merchants, and costs the credit card industry millions of dollars every year.

Pay-by-Customer software features include automatic tip calculation, signature capture, password protection to prevent customers from altering the bill, and multiple waiter/server IDs. Additionally, Hypercom's mobile payment terminals come with a wide range of communication options, including Bluetooth, WiFi and GPRS.

Hypercom Optimum M4230, M4240 and M4100 systems are all Visa PCI PED approved for secure PIN Entry; certified under MasterCard Worldwide's Payment Terminal Security Program which was established to ensure that IP and wireless-based transactions meet the highest levels of security; and Interac Association Chip PED Device certified for use within the Interac Direct Payment (IDP) network.

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