Amicus releases AccountStream Essential for financial services firms

Source: Amicus

Amicus today announces the general availability of Amicus AccountStream Essential, a comprehensive, web-delivered, electronic forms conduit for the Financial Services industry.

Powered by Efficient Technology's Quik! Enterprise, AccountStream takes the paper out of the paperwork necessary to set up new accounts and investments by providing firms and investment professionals with a comprehensive set of sponsor, clearing, and firm-specific forms, and delivering them via a graceful, secure and platform-agnostic web interface for anytime/anywhere access.

Are you tired of managing stacks of paper, hours of manual data entry, and the parade of form rejections due to flawed data? AccountStream breaks new ground by serving your financial service firm's reps the account forms they need, anytime they need them, with just a few mouse clicks. The auto-fill functionality means that reps only need to fill in each field once, letting the system automatically flow the data throughout the rest of the forms package wherever the field repeats - eliminating time-wasting busy-work and ensuring the data is consistent and in good order. No data leaves the encrypted connection, keeping investors safe and your practice compliant.

"AccountStream replaces the inconvenience of paper-based forms by eliminating the time it takes to find forms and manually enter data, " said Amicus CEO Marshall Huwe. "The simple interface means self-serviced forms, found in a snap, from any location. AccountStream makes form filling easy and quick so your reps can focus on relationships, not paperwork headaches. If you want electronic forms it doesn't get easier, and it certainly doesn't get more costeffective."

Amicus, Inc., an industry pioneer and leader in hosted software as a service (SaaS) solutions for the financial services industry, and Efficient Technology, Inc., the industry leader in automated forms technology with its Quik! Enterprise products, announced their collaboration partnership on February 26th, 2008. AccountStream is the first fruit of that partnership. The Quik! Enterprise products lead the industry in helping firms automate their forms-related processes, from connecting to client data sources, pre-filling industry forms, to digitally signing and archiving the forms, to submitting forms to the backoffice for straight-through-processing.

"By partnering with Amicus to provide hosted solutions for Quik! Enterprise, we are reaching many firms that otherwise do not have or want the IT infrastructure necessary to go it alone," said Jeff Reece, Vice President, Product Relations for Efficient Technology. Amicus today also announced Amicus AccountStream Advanced, due out during the second quarter of 2008. With AccountStream Advanced, we'll take hosted, web-accessible electronic forms to the next level with data import, saved work-in-progress, and back-office legacy system integration. And because the forms will stay digital throughout the process, there will be less to file, keep, shred, and waste.

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