Ubitrade releases new Tradix range of products

Source: Ubitrade

Ubitrade, a leading supplier of advanced system solutions for the finance industry today announces the release of the new Tradix range of solutions to better answer specific customer requirements.

Tradix is a cross-asset, front-to-back office set of solutions. It offers solutions for treasury, risk management and back-office. Tradix is available as follows:
  • Tradix for Investment Banking,
  • Tradix Treasury, for corporates, debt managers and financial institutions
  • Tradix for Alternative Investment.

    The Tradix range of solutions has been enhanced in coordination with Ubitrade's clients, to tailor the system for each business, to fully meet user needs.

    Tradix is now available as pre-configured solutions, according to client typology (treasurer/debt manager/bank treasury desk, fund manager or investment bank). All the solutions have common, cross features/functionalities: market risk management, position-keeping, pricing, and accounting.

    Each solution is customised according to each industry specificity. Tradix Treasury features treasury and risk management functionalities. Depending on whether the offer addresses corporate treasury, debt manager or financial institution requirements, it will be enhanced with specific modules.

    Tradix for Alternative Investment provides the user with real-time portfolio management functionalities, trading, pricing functionalities, on a single platform. It supports cross-asset transactions. Tradix for Investment Banking is an integrated trading, risk and trade-processing platform, designed to fully meet the requirements of a continuously evolving capital market industry.

    Adel Torjmen, Head of Tradix business unit, Ubitrade, commented: "We have segmented our offer to answer requirements from the market, which is looking to find solutions entirely dedicated to their business with a fast time-to-market. The offer segmentation has several advantages: the user receives a solution, with a fast time-to-market (and the lowest implementation costs), which immediately meets his needs.

    "Thanks to this new product setup, we can permanently improve each pre-set solution, allowing the user to benefit from the latest technological and functional enhancements, including the latest business evolutions. We now have teams specialising in each business, enabling us to increase the degree of professionalism of our solutions.

    The financial software market is now mature and is more and more orientated towards a componentisation of the systems. Ubitrade fits in well with this trend."
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