Rome releases new version of credit risk product

Source: ROME Corporation

ROME Corporation, the leading provider of enterprise credit risk management solutions for the energy market, today announced the release of ROME CreditRisk 4.0, the latest evolution of their industry-leading credit risk management product.

Organisations are under increasing pressure to report credit risk at an enterprise-wide level. However, the necessary information is frequently two dimensional and locked away in information silos. Individuals within an organisation need the flexibility to view strategic credit risk information on demand in different actionable ways. ROME portfolios introduce a business driven approach and empower companies to unlock the value of their data and strategically move to active portfolio management and analysis.

"The introduction of portfolios in ROME CreditRisk 4.0 provides a new foundation for credit risk management to review and manage risk across multiple dimensions that will grow with your companies' business needs," explains Dan Reid, Chief Marketing Officer at ROME. "The level of credit risk sophistication needed to meet regulatory and stakeholder demands and gain a competitive advantage is continually evolving. Portfolios allow you to keep pace with this evolution and offer the ultimate foundation from a business and IT perspective to build your enterprise credit risk measurement and management landscape."

"With the recent turmoil in European credit markets, ROME CreditRisk 4.0 is ideally placed to help companies tighten their credit controls and implement better credit policy," adds Ian Tobin, Managing Director, EMEA at ROME.

The new release of ROME CreditRisk includes a number of significant enhancements including:
  • Portfolios - Define different exposure calculations, limits and collateral formulas for multiple portfolios and analyse the results of various scenarios side by side;
  • Robust Exposure Calculations - Define multiple aggregations and calculations representing your varied portfolio business areas;
  • Filters - Explicit inclusion/exclusion and context specific filtering enables quick answers to ad-hoc questions. For example, you can quickly determine all counterparties in a specific country with gas deals, and the associated exposure, l limits, and collateral;
  • Enhanced Credit Limit Management - Set credit limits based on multiple criteria including but not limited to commodity, contract, geography, and business entity;
  • Collateral Management - Initial margin management, exchange based trade management, and collateral escalation and de-escalation functionality help to further optimise capital;
  • Improved Performance - Advanced server clustering and server virtualisation enables faster results and drives more timely decision making;
  • Improved Usability - New table configuration options include collapsible tables, table resizing, and expanded use of tabs. The new enhancements make more efficient use of precious screen real estate, and provide immediate access to the critical information needed to make important business decisions.

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