Level Four Americas interfaces testing system with HP platform

Source: Level Four Americas

Level Four Americas, a leading supplier of open standards-based ATM software, announced that it has released a plug-in module to its advanced testing solution, BRIDGE:test, that enables users to interface to HP's Quality Center platform, used to manage quality processes and automate software testing across an organization.

Integrating Level Four's ATM specific tests into HP's quality assurance solution yields a more comprehensive enterprise quality control platform and methodology for ATM departments within retail banks.

Combining BRIDGE:test, which enables fully automated end-to-end testing of live XFS-based ATM software applications, with the HP Quality Center enables BRIDGE:test users to have an integrated view of their ATM software application testing alongside their other enterprise wide test and quality assurance processes. This functionality helps reduce the costs associated with traditional ATM testing, which has proven to be a unique problem due to the complicated nature of the devices and high level of security involved.

Available globally, the plug-in module also enables BRIDGE:test users to better manage the release process and make more informed release timing decisions, ensuring consistently high levels of customer service. The plug-in module allows financial institutions to optimize ATM software quality and ensures that new functionality can be deployed quickly and cost effectively. This is increasingly important as the release cycle of ATM software is substantially shorter and new releases tend to emerge several times a year.

"Since we are entering an era of fundamental change for ATMs, it is important to provide financial institutions with the tools to ensure their ATM networks are adequately tested to guarantee optimal productivity," said Steven Lund, president of Level Four Americas LLC. "Providing users with an integrated view of their ATM software application testing module in line with their other test and quality assurance processes provides a more seamless approach to managing applications enterprise-wide."

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