PayMate launches mobile US to India remittance service

Source: PayMate

PayMate, India's leading mobile payments company is expanding the reach of GiftMate, its revolutionary mobile gift voucher that has already gained unprecedented market acceptance in India.

With the launch of , Non-Resident Indians in North America can now send GiftMate mobile gift vouchers to their friends and family, anywhere in India. GiftMate vouchers can be redeemed at over 3000 online merchants in India that accept PayMate as a checkout option.

"Some of the best gifts are the ones that are impulsive and come from the heart. With the launch of, the NRI Community in North America can shower their loved ones in India with these heartfelt gestures," said Dhruv Singh, Vice President of Americas at PayMate. "GiftMate vouchers are instant, convenient, flexible, and secure".

GiftMate is a virtual gift voucher that resides on your mobile phone. To send a GiftMate voucher, simply visit , select from 4 pre-set voucher amounts, enter the recipients email and mobile phone number, and complete the payment process using a credit card. The recipient in India receives an email and sums notification confirming the amount of the GiftMate voucher they have received, along with instructions on how to use GiftMate and their personal 4-digit PayMate PIN that they will need to use the gift voucher. Thereafter the voucher can be redeemed for millions of products including movie tickets, flight tickets, books, CD's, apparel, accessories and lots more across 3000 online stores.

GiftMate mobile vouchers offer many advantages to both senders and recipient.
  • Delivery - Instant and anywhere in India. The voucher is sent within a few seconds to the recipient.
  • Convenience - The sender does not have to worry about what gifts to buy. The recipient can choose from millions of products from over 3000 online merchants.
  • Flexibility - GiftMate vouchers can be used in varying denominations over multiple purchases with a balance carry forward feature.
  • Secure - PIN based payment authorization ensures that the voucher is used with due confirmation from the user

"GiftMate in a short span of time has proven to be a serious alternative to traditional gift vouchers. Being electronic in nature and agnostic (redeemable across 3000 merchants), it eliminates any logistics issues in addition to providing instant gratification to the recipient. We are confident that NRIs will see great value in using GiftMate for gifting their friends and family back home in India" said Mr. Ajay Adiseshann, Founder and CEO of PayMate. "The emerging gift card market in India is forecasted to see explosive growth and PayMate with its GiftMate product is well positioned for growth. The NRI market is a key piece of our growth strategy for GiftMate".

Please note that GiftMate mobile vouchers can only be sent to recipients with valid mobile numbers in India and GiftMate vouchers cannot be converted to cash.

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