CSI ships mobile banking platform

Source: Computer Services, Inc.

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) (Pink Sheets: CSVI), a leading provider of integrated banking solutions, today announced the development and release of a new mobile banking platform.

According to Steven A. Powless, CSI President and CEO, CSI's decision to release a mobile banking solution was based on market research and evidence of emerging consumer behavior.

"We expect the mobile channel to represent a new and important touch-point between community banks and their customers," Powless said. "CSI's mobile banking platform will provide banks with the means to offer additional services that deepen customer relations and expand cross-selling opportunities."

Consumer demand for mobile technology has increased exponentially in recent years. According to industry research, the number of cell phones worldwide reached 2.7 billion in 2007, exceeding the number of televisions and PCs combined. If the growth in cell phone usage continues at its current rate, the number of cell phones in the world will exceed 4.2 billion by 2011.

To assist banks in adapting to consumers' growing dependence on cell phones and other mobile devices, CSI's mobile banking product allows banks to offer both text and browser-based mobile systems that provide users with a familiar interface. CSI's initial implementation allows bank customers to check account balances, view transactions, and receive alerts via text messaging.

According to Powless, CSI's mobile banking platform allows banks to attract new customers in today's hyper-competitive financial industry. "Several mobile banking providers focus on one delivery method," Powless said. "CSI's mobile banking solution provides banks with multiple options to maximize adoption rates, simplify the rollout process and ensure overall success."

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