TSX adds 24 issues to Quantum platform

Source: Toronto Stock Exchange

The TSX Quantum Revolution continues, bringing us one step closer to a new era in trading on Toronto Stock Exchange.

Twenty-four additional symbols will be added to begin trading on TSX Quantum on Monday, April 14th 2008. These symbols include:
  • SU Suncor Energy Inc.
  • HGU Horizons Betapro S&P/TSX Global Gld Bull
  • TCK.B Teck Cominco Ltd., Cl. B SV
  • TCK.A Teck Cominco Ltd., Cl. A MV
  • TLM Talisman Energy
  • PAA Pan American J
  • VCM Vecima Networks Inc.
  • HXD Horizons Betapro S&P/TSX60 Bear Plus ETF
  • CNR Canadian National Railway Co.
  • POT Potash Corp
  • ERF.UN Enerplus Resources Fund
  • GNA Gerdau Ameristeel Corp.
  • G.WT.G Goldcorp Inc Wts
  • NT Nortel Networks
  • COS.UN Canadian Oilsands Trust
  • FDG.UN Fording Inc
  • G Goldcorp
  • SSO Silver Standard Res Inc.
  • FTT Finning Intl
  • PCA Petro-Canada
  • AGU Agrium Inc
  • CNQ Cdn Natural Res
  • XGD IShares Cdn S&P/TSX Global Gold Indx Fnd
  • NCX Nova Chemicals CorpX

    They will join 13 other issues already trading on the TSX Quantum platform. We have been continuously monitoring and evaluating Quantum performance throughout the rollout and there are a number of interesting trends emerging from the trading patterns and performance numbers.

    With the current list of issues, a median of 6 millisecond response time has been achieved consistently, as compared to our existing platform at a median of approximately 20 millisecond response time. Response time measures the order's roundtrip on our infrastructure - from gateway to trading platform and back. We expect further decreases in latency upon implementation of the new Quantum gateway, which is scheduled for Q2/Q3 of 2009.

    Since the beginning of the rollout, TSX Quantum has aimed to deliver single digit millisecond latency, greatly expanded market capacity, significantly reduced total cost of ownership while at the same time maintaining world-leading reliability and availability.

    The current trading engine has a capacity of 47 million orders per day with a full load of issues from Ts a capacity of 47 million orders per day wits a capacity of 47 milli cacapacity of 47 million orders per day with a full load of issues from Toronto Stock Exchange. Market capacity tests have proven TSX Quantum capacity to this threshold, with economically viable scalability to one billion orders per day.

    Rik Parkhill, Interim Co-CEO, TSX Group Inc., said. "TSX Quantum is doing better than we expected it would do. As we continue to migrate symbols to the new platform, we are seeing the early benefits of this changeover and as the introduction of the new technology continues, we expect additional improvements. We are quickly moving to realizing our overall goals of significant enhancement in performance and capacity across the entire market."

    Thomas Kalafatis, Vice President, Sales and Product Development for TSX Markets added "TSX Quantum will redefine how TSX leverages technology to serve all of its clients. Not only are we seeing performance improvements, but the scalability of this technology allows us to launch a streamlined parallel order book, TSX Infinity(TM) - offering participants more choice and more efficient access to the capital markets."
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