IPC introduces ethernet connection service

Source: IPC

IPC Systems, the leading provider of indispensable communications solutions to financial services firms, today announced it has launched its Ethernet Connection Service (ECS) that enables customers to increase trader productivity and competitiveness with highly available, secure, low-latency Ethernet Private Lines ("E-Lines").

The launch of ECS extends the capabilities of IPC's resilient network and Global Solutions Operations Center to offer fully managed voice and data trading solutions. ECS extends IPC's growing trader community with the same fast-service provisioning between trading firms and markets that is associated with Trader Voice Services. Once connected to ECS, customers can take advantage of the inherent low latency and scalable design to support electronic trading requirements now and in the future.

IPC's Ethernet Connection Service is designed specifically for electronic trading while still adhering to industry standards. Trading firms can select from a wide range of scalable Ethernet private lines (1MB to 100MB). Bandwidth is dedicated across IPC's global network, ensuring secure and extremely low-latency connections. Point-to-point and point-to-multi-point Ethernet service offers firms a 24x7 managed solution to connect with exchanges, ECNs and the world's largest On-Net trading community. The ECS service greatly simplifies how inter-dealer brokers, market makers, exchanges and algorithmic trading firms get connected to the global capital markets and their primary trading partners. IPC is a member of the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF), an organization that promotes standards and interoperability of Ethernet Services between service providers and technology vendors.

"IPC continues to develop innovative services that enable our customers to maintain a competitive edge as their communications demands evolve." says Marianne Leitch, SVP and General Manager of IPC Network Services. "Our customers rely on our global network for their Trader Voice requirements. It's natural that we advanced our service capabilities to support secure electronic trading, to extend our range of products, services and options to the trading community."

"The MEF welcomes IPC to its growing membership," says Kevin Vachon, the Chief Operating Officer of the MEF. "IPC's adoption of Ethernet to deliver real time electronic trading applications that support the global financial markets reinforces our mission to accelerate Ethernet adoption worldwide."

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