Fort Washington deploys Eagle fixed income attribution system

Source: Eagle Investment Systems

Eagle Investment Systems (Eagle), a leading provider of financial services technology and a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, today announced that Fort Washington Investment Advisors (Fort Washington) has deployed Eagle's fixed income attribution solution.

With this deployment, Fort Washington is adding to its existing suite of Eagle solutions, which includes data management, portfolio performance, and GIPS composite management. These solutions were previously implemented to provide an integrated platform to support Fort Washington's fixed income investment operations and client reporting needs.

"When we selected Eagle's solutions initially, our goal was to implement fixed income attribution as part of our overall technology infrastructure plan. In the second phase, we added fixed income attribution to further automate our process and allow us to perform a deeper level of analysis that we couldn't previously achieve," said Mark Frietch, vice president of investment operations for Fort Washington.

By using Eagle's fixed income attribution solution, portfolio managers and analysts are provided with robust analysis to accurately dissect the performance of bond portfolios. The solution helps users disaggregate total return into its yield, price, and currency components and applies the general principle that bond level performance can be explained in terms of yield changes and resulting price changes in a respective risk-free market.

"The biggest challenge investment management firms face when implementing fixed income attribution is data management," said John Lehner, president of Eagle. "In the case of Fort Washington, the data was centralized and validated using Eagle's data management platform, and this allowed Fort Washington's analysts to calculate their fixed attribution needs within a short timeframe."

In a collaborative effort between Eagle's product development professionals and focused client feedback, Eagle's fixed income attribution solution was developed using an open architecture which allows users to model and group securities based on their specific needs. Industry accepted attribution methodologies were incorporated to meet the varying needs of clients. Eagle's solution can integrate an invinvestment firm's proprietary or vendor provided market data sources to support the analytics and yield curves that are critical components to the fixed income attribution analysis. Rolled out in late 2006, the fixed income solution was seamlessly integrated into Eagle's data management platform and performance solution suite.

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