Jack Henry launches data back-up system

Source: Jack Henry & Associates

Jack Henry & Associates, Inc. (Nasdaq: JKHY), a leading provider of integrated technology solutions and data processing services for financial institutions, today announced its Centurion disaster recovery jVault data vaulting solution.

Centurion jVault is an online data backup solution that enables financial institutions to store critical IBM System i-based data at a secure, off-site location. Centurion jVault mitigates inherent risks associated with physically transporting tapes from one location to another, complies with related regulatory requirements, and provides financial institutions with a superior audit trail for all backed-up data.

Mid-Wisconsin Bank has more than $477 million in assets, is based in Medford, Wis., and is a long-time CIF 20/20 user. According to Eric Matheney, the bank's IT director, "Backing up to tape every night means hours of data could be lost depending on the time of the disaster or business interruption. With Centurion jVault, the maximum lag time between our backed-up data and our production system is 15 minutes. Centurion jVault provides a comparative level of recovery with that of high availability and requires no duplication of equipment."

The Peoples Bank has approximately $944 million in assets, is based in Biloxi, Miss., and is a growth-focused SilverLake System user. James Gruich, Ph.D., vice president of Technology Security, said, "jVault improved the operational efficiencies related to our contingency planning and preparedness. This electronic vaulting solution streamlined our backup methodology, protects the integrity of our data, reduces the time required to access data over traditional tape-based technologies, and significantly reduces the recovery time we would need in a catastrophic scenario like a hurricane evacuation. jVault also stores data off-site throughout the day which eliminates the one-day vulnerability that inherently exists with tape-based backup solutions deployed nightly."

Sandra York, vice president of Information Services with The Peoples Bank, concluded, "After Hurricane Katrina, we carefully reevaluated our backup strategy and looked at several possible technologies. Centurion jVault provided the price point, service levels, and reliability we need, and the functionality to streamline our operations and generate tangible efficiencies. Jack Henry's working knowledge of bank operations and its customers' needs also positively influenced our decision. We would highly recommend jVault to any bank that wants the peace-of-mind we now have knowing our data is seamlessly backed-up and stored safely off-site."

According to Douglas Childress, general manager of Retail Solutions for Jack Henry Banking, "Centurion jVault, which is powered by the Mimix high availability agent provided by Vision Solutions, Inc., is a natural addition to our suite of disaster preparedness and recovery services and will complement very nicely, our existing real time high availability solutions. Centurion jVault typically recovers data in minutes or hours enabling clients to diffuse the impact of unavoidable disasters and business interruptions. Centurion jVault is an important addition to our managed disaster recovery solutions and is a proven, cost-effective data vaulting solution for our diverse customers."

Centurion Disaster Recovery provides enterprise-wide disaster recovery services through 12 strategically located, regional hot sites. Centurion Business Continuity Planning enables financial institutions to systematically restore their operational infrastructures with dynamic, fully customized enterprise-wide continuity plans that document the procedures and testing required to restore business functions.

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