Syncova reports hedge fund implementations

Source: Syncova

Following the launch of OPTIMA/Fund, Syncova are pleased to announce that two hedge fund companies have recently committed to the platform.

These are US multi Strategy, multi Prime Broker Hedge Funds that are focused on improving controls and accurately reflecting cost of capital in P/L reporting. They have set up the margin models from all their counterparty agreements in Optima, and implemented an automated daily reconciliation. They have also configured the Attribution capabilities of OPTIMA/Fund to allocate cost of capital accurately between the different trading strategies, and are moving to using OPTIMA to automate the PB allocation process. Additionally these funds are now able to develop their own financing and control reports for the Portfolio Finance manager that would not have been possible without OPTIMA/Fund.

Being a very powerful and easy to use tool, OPTIMA/Fund allows hedge funds to define all the margin methodologies across their PB agreements with no need for any IT input. The data feed integration is made simple by provision of a variety of interface methods and excellent documentation.

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