JPMorgan reports Cavali custody contract

Source: JPMorgan

JPMorgan today announced that it will be providing securities services to Cavali, Peru's Central Securities Depository.

The contract is the latest in a string of wins the firm has had in Latin America.

JPMorgan Securities Company (SC) will be providing custody and asset administration services to Cavali for its portfolio of global securities. JPMorgan also provides services to several other central depositories, central banks, commercial banks, government institutions and corporations in the Latin America region.

"We selected JPMorgan due to its strong commitment, experience and focus in Latin America. JPMorgan's modern technology and online reporting as well as local language capabilities will help us improve operating efficiencies and allow us to capitalize on new opportunities in the market," said Francis Stenning, President and CEO of Cavali.

In addition to Cavali, Peru's Central Depository, JPMorgan has also recently been awarded custody business by CEDEVAL (Central Securities Depository of El Salvador).

"JPMorgan is well positioned to become the securities service partner of choice for Latin America," said Chris Lynch, head of Western Hemisphere sales for JPMorgan SC. "We, as part of a global franchise, have all the tools, products and services that clients will need to help them manage their global investment activities."

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