DSTi upgrades HiPerformance

Source: DST International

DST International (DSTi), a leading provider of business software and work management solutions to the investment management industry, today launched a new version of its Performance Solution, HiPerformance.

The new HiPerformance is based on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to achieve optimal deployment flexibility, together with exceptional scalability. The addition of the Global Operating Model is designed to enable global and multi-office asset managers to deploy a single software solution across all offices, while maintaining speed and flexibility.

HiPerformance's Global Operating Model is expected to help managers drive down infrastructure costs through the deployment of a single application and database across multiple time-zones and offices. In a recent benchmark, HiPerformance calculated a month's worth of returns at the security level for seven million portfolios on a single application server in five hours.

Historically, asset management firms have had to manage a trade-off between scalability and functional richness. The new HiPerformance is designed to remove practical scale restrictions, while providing a broad range of performance analytics, including returns, contribution, attribution, look-through analysis, risk and composite management - across all instruments, and all within a single, enterprise solution.

DSTi Global Performance Solution Manager, Des Gallacher, said, "The new HiPerformance has been developed in close collaboration with several of our largest and most sophisticated clients, who were seeking greater scalability to manage ever-increasing volumes, and to achieve cost reductions through efficiency gains, while retaining the rich functionality they need to properly analyze their complex investment strategies. In the current business environment where cost containment is paramount, the value proposition for IT projects must be beyond reproach. With that in mind, we have invested over 8,000 man days of R & D to supercharge our solution, and will continue to invest heavily over the next couple of years to consolidate our position at the top end of the market. We are working closely with existing clients during our initial application roll-out, and are also seeing sales interest from prospective clients."

HiPerformance supports GIPS compliance and incorporates performance, attribution, decomposition and composite functionality across all currencies and asset classes. It can be deployed either in-house or as an ASP with web-based tools for inquiries and report distribution.

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