CDC Software releases CRM application for institutional asset management

Source: CDC Software

CDC Software, a wholly owned subsidiary of CDC Corporation (NASDAQ: CHINA - News) and a provider of industry-specific enterprise software applications and business services, today announced general availability of Pivotal CRM On Demand and the first related industry-specific application, Pivotal CRM On Demand for Institutional Asset Management.

These products represent the latest additions to CDC Software's suite of front office applications.

Designed with a new Software as a Service (SaaS) architecture, Pivotal CRM On Demand can be hosted by CDC Software and accessed on-demand, via the web browser by customers. The solution can also be deployed on-premise and hosted internally by customers or used in a blended mode, both on-demand hosted externally and on-premise, hosted internally, at the same time. In addition to the flexibility of deployment options, enterprises also can provide user access to the system via their standard web browser with a zero footprint client or utilize CDC Software's Smart Client Framework for a richer interface that supports a broad range of application extensions, personal productivity tools, advanced graphics capabilities and synchronized off-line use.

Building on CDC Software's expertise and success in providing industry-specific solutions for financial services, the company's first industry-specific application for the Pivotal CRM On Demand platform addresses the unique customer relationship requirements of Institutional Asset Management (IAM) firms. Pivotal CRM On Demand for Institutional Asset Management provides all of the industry-specific capabilities already in use by customers such as The TCW Group with the added benefits of increased flexibility and lower cost deployment options. Until now, this combination of specific functionality for asset management firms and unlimited deployment flexibility has not been available in the market. As the needs of asset management firms change, such as is common with acquisitions or divestitures, companies can adjust their deployments of Pivotal CRM from on-premise to on-demand or a mixed blend, without requiring costly re-coding, new workflows or screen re-designs.

"The flexibility afforded by Pivotal CRM is exactly what we need in a diverse organization like ours," said Lance Hoffman, senior vice president of Information Services at TCW. "We need a solution that supports our unique requirements as an asset management firm and helps us create noticeable differentiation from our competitors. We also want to take advantage of the low-overhead and low-cost benefits of an SaaS CRM solution, while maintaining critical and competitively sensitive information and related functions internally, on-premise. Pivotal CRM On Demand very effectively delivers a broad, feature-rich platform to our user community that supports our complex needs in an economically compelling solution set."

"Until now, SaaS CRM solutions have been designed to address commodity, one-size-fits all requirements," said Eric Musser, CEO and president of CDC Software. "These products deliver little if any unique competitive advantages for their individual customers. However, many companies, large and small, have more complex and industry-specific processes requiring a system with more flexibility and sophisticated functionality. With our industry-specific expertise and on-premise solutions, our customers have been proving the value of industry specialization through measurable gains in competitive differentiation and customer satisfaction. We are utilizing the same strategy with our SaaS solutions that address the high-value requirements of our target industries. Our goal is to continue to provide specialized solutions that directly address our customers' unique strategic requirements, and at the same time, offer a full range of deployment options, ranging from on premise to on demand and mixed deployments, to suit their current and future needs."

"The low overhead costs associated with SaaS-based deployments are capturing a lot of interest in the market but the ability to host data internally continues to be a key requirement for many financial services firms today," said Robert Hegarty, managing director, Securities & Investments, and Insurance at TowerGroup, the world's leading research and advisory firm focused on the global financial services industries. "Financial Services firms need solutions that offer the low-overhead deployment and maintenance of a SaaS architecture, with the option of hosting the system internally or externally.

Pivotal CRM On Demand leverages Web 2.0 and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technology, featuring drag and drop mashing, integrated RSS feeds and greatly enhanced, user-friendly reporting and screen design capabilities. The solution can be accessed via a standard web browser and also supports smart client technology and PDA-based technologies such as Blackberry and Windows Mobile-based devices. Smart Clients enables synchronized off-line use of the same applications that are accessed through the browser on line. Users of Pivotal CRM On Demand have the ability to work anytime, whether wired or wireless.

Pivotal CRM On Demand for IAM features the key industry specific functionality addressing institutional asset management business requirements including:
  • 360-degree view of client relationships
  • Relationship/Influence Tracking
  • Performance and Client Reporting
  • Workflow Management and Automation
  • Integration with leading 3rd-party data for consultant, plan sponsor and investment manager information
  • Consultant Management
  • Proposal Tracking
  • RFP Process Management
  • Compliance Assistance
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Activity Management

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