China Development Bank connects to Swift with Longtop

Source: Longtop Financial Technologies

Longtop Financial Technologies Limited ("Longtop") (NYSE: "LFT"), a leading software developer and solutions provider targeting the financial services industry in China, today announced the completion of its implementation of the Swift Messaging Process Systems for China Development Bank ("CDB").

Swift messaging is the most important clearance and telecommunication tool for worldwide inter-bank messaging. Utilizing its strong experience in the international business applications sector, Longtop has developed a proprietary 'Longtop Message Process System ("MPS")' for the SWIFT messaging protocol. Currently, Longtop's MPS solution is the industry leader in China, having captured the largest market share with successful application in several banks.

Lian Weizhou, CEO of Longtop, commented: "This was the first contract completed between Longtop and CDB, representing not only a new client for us, but also their recognition and trust in our software development capabilities for financial clients. We have successfully implemented our industry-leading standardized SWIFT solution to meet the needs of CDB. As we strengthen our relationship, we will look to create opportunities for more cooperation between Longtop and CDB in the future."

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