IIR Group launches online equity research service

Source: IIR Group

IIR Group plc (LSE: IIR.L), the UK's leading source of impartial research and strategy for global equities and currencies, has launched The Research Oracle, an online tool available to institutional and private investors alike which provides institutional-grade research analysis on 400 top global stocks completely free of charge.

The service, which is already used by seven of the world's largest investment banks, is being made available as the result of an innovative online advertising model. The research reports on The Research Oracle are identical to those available to and used by leading financial institutions.

The research provided by IIR Group plc through Research Oracle is completely independent since the company has no investment banking, broking or asset management activities. The Global Research Analyst Settlement implemented in 2004 under Elliot Spitzer (then New York Attorney General) together with the SEC, NASD, and other U.S. regulatory bodies, provided a much-needed boost to investor protections by eliminating the financial incentive that encouraged research analysts at major banks to write undeservedly up-beat reports. However the Settlement comes to an end next year and consequently The Research Oracle is its natural successor as the service is funded via advertisers and not subsidised by investment banking mandates, or payments from the company being researched.

Shane Smith, CEO of IIR Group plc, commented: "This launch represents a genuine leap forward for the finance sector as it allows investors at all points of the spectrum equal access to information and analysis, the lifeblood of the industry, on a level playing field - from the smaller private investor, to the investment clubs with a slightly greater vested interest, to seasoned professionals working for global financial institutions."

One of the independent consultants chosen by the regulators overseeing the Settlement and a key IIR client, added: "The Global Research Settlement offered investors an opportunity to receive, free of charge, unbiased research from a broad spectrum of independent research providers, one of the best of which is IIR, the sponsor of The Research Oracle, which offers a much broader universe of investors the same opportunity."

The research information offered by Research Oracle e delivers a true picture of risk and reward for investors that are looking to add foreign shares to their portfolio and require information regarding both company fundamentals and currency risk - or possible upside. IIR's long-only model portfolio has been consistently ranked in the top-three best performing portfolios by Investars, an independent ratings performance tracking firm, part owned by Goldman Sachs (*).

Information available via Research Oracle is published simultaneously on Reuters, Bloomberg, Thomson, Capital IQ, Factset, Jaywalk and our other distribution channels. Users can set up alerts to know when an update is published on a company of interest to them.

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