Prudential live with Exony call centre technology

Source: Exony

Prudential UK, the life and pensions provider, has chosen Exony's customer interaction intelligence software to further improve the performance of its global contact centres.

Exony's Virtualized Interaction Manager (VIM) provides Prudential with improved real-time reporting and analytics of the company's contact centre performance and empowers it to further improve resourcing going forward. Excellent teamwork between BT (Prudential's telephony partner), Exony and Prudential resulted in successful implementation in only 12 weeks.

Exony VIM also enables Prudential to enjoy complete, instant visibility and control of the performance of its contact centres and 1,800 agents in different time zones and geographies. VIM allows Prudential to present the data in the various formats it requires and complements the company's existing contact centre platform, meaning no additional investment.

"We're constantly looking at ways to improve our contact centre operations. Exony VIM gives us both real-time and historical access to the critical information needed to monitor performance and appropriately manage resources," said Al Jeffrey, Planning Account Manager for Prudential. "The financial services industry is extremely competitive and our customers rightly demand a high level of service. The Exony VIM system enables us to manage this expectation more effectively."

Business end users can analyse contact centre information with VIM Analytics as well as use the self serve reporting which arms users throughout the contact centre operation with easy to use report builder wizards to enable them to build bespoke, relevant reports. VIM Resource Manager provides the integrated resource management to empower the Prudential to make changes in real-time to respond to information provided by VIM Analytics. Exony VIM partitioning and virtualisation capability was a key factor in the acquisition decision. Partitioning was judged to be particularly important given Prudential's recent decision to outsource part of its Customer Service operations to Capita. Exony VIM enables partitioning for the different lines of business to run safely and securely on the same hosted platform.

Strategic Communications Services (SCS) provided Prudential with strategic advice on building an overall MI Strategy and selecting the right solution to suit its business requirements, with Exony VIM being chosen over a leading business intelligence specialist's offering to replace the existing proprietary system.

"Exony VIM gives Prudential the complete global, real-time and historic view it needs to support its business requirements, enabling the company to respond to changing market challenges while integrating with its existing contact centre platform," said Tony Chambers, Director, Strategic Communications Services.

Exony CEO Rex Dorricott said that the company's global expertise in financial services had contributed to being selected.

"We worked closely with Prudential and Strategic Communications Services to ensure we provided the company with the exact solution it required," said Dorricott. "Being able to accurately measure and manage the operational efficiency of contact centres is essential, especially in a market as competitive as financial services. We've deployed Exony VIM for financial services companies of all sizes in several countries, so have the international experience to deliver the Prudential with a solution which will help it stay one step ahead of the competition globally."

BT provides the hosted contact centre solution for Prudential, based on a Cisco IPCC (Internet Protocol Contact Centre) platform.

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