CSFB's advanced execution services available through GL Stream

Source: GL Trade

GL TRADE partners with Credit Suisse First Boston to provide CSFB's clients with Advanced Execution Services (AES™) directly through the GL STREAM multi-market platform and world-class trading station, GL WIN.

CSFB's clients now have the opportunity to access CSFB's award winning Advanced Execution Services (AES™) including Direct Market Access via the GL WIN workstation. The strength of the GL TRADE workstation is the ability to view data feeds and to trade simultaneously on multiple markets from one single screen.

CSFB is the global leader in the provision of algorithmic trading services and its suite of AES™ strategies help reduce market impact, improve execution performance against a range of benchmarks, and improve the productivity of trading desks.

GL TRADE has over 30 000 GL WIN V5 stations worldwide. It provides speed, precision and robustness to safely and rapidly execute all types of orders and strategies, including preprogrammed tactics and real-time benchmarks.

"GL TRADE has made considerable investment in R&D focusing especially on algorithmic trading to offer our customers access to various trading tactics," said Vincent Burzynski, Products Director, GL TRADE. "We are pleased to have the opportunity to work closely with CSFB on this project. Thanks to the GL STREAM™ modular approach, any new strategy implemented by CSFB will be made available to their customers overnight."

"We are delighted with the partnership we have formed with GL TRADE, allowing us to provide our clients with access to our Advanced Execution Services (AES™) through GL TRADE workstations. CSFB is the global leader in the provision of algorithmic trading tools and the ability to access AES via the GL STREAM trading platform is a major bonus for the many traders who have chosen to use the GL TRADE platform," said Richard Balarkas, Managing Director and Global Head of Trading Services at CSFB. "The combination of the sophisticated trading and order routing technology provided by GL TRADE and our AES execution tools will provide real performance and productivity benefits to our mutual clients."

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