CQG links to Liffe Connect

Source: CQG

CQG, the leading analytics and trade routing platform for global electronically-traded futures markets, today announced the connection of its hosted order routing gateways to the LIFFE CONNECT trading system via NYSE Euronext, Liffe's new 100Mbps High Speed Access line.

To further enhance its service, CQG has also acquired space and exchange gateways in Liffe's Co-Location facility, enabling them to offer hosted high-speed, close-proximity exchange access to their partner firms.

CQG is currently the only Independent Software Vendor with space in the Liffe Co-Location facility. The Liffe connections enhance CQG's high-speed network of distributed exchange gateways, which offer customers low-latency connections to over ninety cash and futures exchanges worldwide.

CQG operates market data and order routing networks for over thirty partner clearing firms, ensuring quality and performance and enabling firms to focus on core trading operations and customer business.

"The customer response to our high-speed connectivity offerings has been very positive," said Paul MacGregor, Director Technology Partnerships for Liffe. "We are pleased that our business partners, as well as our trading members, have supported us in this initiative, and that is reflected in the commitment CQG is making to our Co-Location facility."

"We are very pleased to participate in the Co-Location service Liffe has provided their members," said Rod Giffen, Global Head of Sales and Support for CQG. "This access allows us to offer unmatched performance to the members through our hosted trading gateways and specialized close-proximity connections."

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