Claims against Archipelago dismissed in Borsellino Litigation

Source: Archipelago

Judge Ronald Bartkowitz of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, dismissed with prejudice all claims against Archipelago Holdings, Inc., f/k/a Archipelago Holdings, LLC, and Archipelago Exchange, LLC (ArcaEx), in a lawsuit filed by Lewis Borsellino and I.M. Acquisitions, LLC on March 23, 2004.

In the lawsuit, Borsellino and I.M. Acquisitions alleged that certain members of Chicago Trading and Arbitrage, LLC, an entity in which Mr. Borsellino claimed an interest, wrongfully diverted assets for the benefit of Archipelago Holdings and ArcaEx. Archipelago Holdings and ArcaEx filed a motion to dismiss these claims on May 21, 2004. The Circuit Court's ruling was made in response to requests from Mr. Borsellino and I.M. Acquisitions to voluntarily dismiss Archipelago Holdings and ArcaEx with prejudice.

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