Discover introduces personal finance advice Web site

Source: Discover Financial Services

Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS) today announced the launch of Discover EDGE, an online resource dedicated to helping consumers become more savvy when it comes to managing their time and money.

Designed to help Discover Cardmembers stay in control of their finances, Discover EDGE provides consumers with everyday financial advice to help them get ahead - and stay there.

Discover EDGE content is written by an independent team of experts, led by nationally-syndicated columnist and best-selling author Ilyce Glink. Consumers will find helpful articles covering a variety of topics, including shopping, travel, finance, home, technology, book reviews and more. They also will find regular features such as Ask Ilyce - an insightful Q&A in which consumers receive answers to questions they submit regarding their own personal finances.
Consumers will benefit from fresh, seasonal content and useful tips to help them make their money go further. Discover EDGE also features content on basic financial and credit literacy, arming consumers with the information they need to make wise credit decisions. As with all Discover EDGE content, this information is delivered in a way that's simple, relevant and easy to understand.

"Providing Discover EDGE is yet another example of how Discover Card helps people stay in control and do more with their money every day," said Matt Sloan, vice president of Portfolio Marketing at Discover Financial Services. "We believe this will be a powerful resource to which consumers can refer for sound financial advice on topics that are important to them."

Discover EDGE is part of the company's commitment to providing products and services that put cardmembers in control of their spending and help them manage their finances. Discover Card also offers:
  • Paydown Planner and Purchase Planner, two newly-launched, online financial tools designed to help cardmembers better manage their credit and empower them to make smart financial decisions.
  • Credit ScoreTracker, which helps cardmembers understand and monitor their credit scores to make better financial decisions.
  • Timely email reminders that help cardmembers keep track of their spending, make payments on time, and stay safely within their credit line.
  • The Discover Motiva Card, which rewards cardmembers for good credit management if they make six on-time payments in a row.

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