KBC Peel Hunt adopts MBA Systems TransFIX system

Source: MBA System

KBC Peel Hunt has adopted MBA System's TransFIX software to enhance the company's straight through processing capability when executing trades with its sister company Brown Shipley.

Both companies are part of the Luxembourg based bank, KBL Group.

Trades are sent from KBL Group to KBC Peel Hunt using TransFIX in conjunction with a secure web service. TransFIX provides KBC Peel Hunt with a flexible open interface that translates the trading messages into a standard FIX message protocol. The trade execution is then performed and the resulting FIX trade confirmation message sent back to KBL in Luxembourg and onto Brown Shipley where it is translated back into the original message format. The whole process is transparent to the firm, without it having to write or read any messages in FIX protocol.

"TransFIX has enabled us to automate our trading operation with KBL Group, quickly and easily," says Simon Chambers, director of operations for KBC Peel Hunt. "This has enabled us to improve our business flow and so increase trading volume."

Of particular appeal to KBC Peel Hunt was the ability of TransFIX to be implemented with minimum changes to the company's order management system.

"MBA has already supplied us with our order routing system," says Simon Chambers, "and we knew they would be able to provide us with this product that has been finely tuned to our specific requirements."

Stephen Taylor, sales and marketing director for MBA Systems, added, "Like so many of our customers, KBC is taking advantage of TransFIX's ability to provide a quick and easy solution to the potentially complex FIX protocol. We are delighted that it works so well for them in operation."

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