GATElab offers LSE TradeElect-InfoElect connectivity

Source: GATElab

GATElab, the provider of traderpath, the leading technology platform for multi-asset market-making and price-taking activities with a state-of-the-art algorithmic support, today announces the availability of TradElect-InfoElect connectivity for Italian and worldwide institutions in the financial industry.

Following the on-going merging of Borsa Italiana with the London Stock Exchange, the MTA Italian cash equity market will migrate onto the LSE TradeElect-InfoElect platform in phase one, targeted for September 2008. Other MTA segments and Italian markets will be migrated in subsequent phases.

Now all Italian and foreign GATElab customers, as well as Italian and UK financial institutions, will benefit from the new connectivity to TradeElect-InfoElect, made available within GATElab's traderpath. Therefore traderpath, delivered either as an in-house solution or as a real ASP service, can now transparently drive its users along the whole integration path between the two exchanges, providing them with a trading access to one of the biggest groups in terms of listed equities and ETFs, securitised derivatives and fixed income assets.

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