BankInvest rolls out Lombardi business process management software

Source: Lombardi

Lombardi, a leader in business process management (BPM) software, today announced that Danish asset management firm, BankInvest Group has deployed its award-winning Teamworks BPM software suite.

The initial phase of the project to manage BankInvest's client investment report process was implemented in just 18 days. This is the first of many processes which BankInvest is implementing within Teamworks as part of their core process optimisation programme.

"As well as how rapidly we deployed the Teamworks BPM suite, we have also been impressed by the process optimisation and simulation capabilities. The ability to simulate different changes and demonstrate the effect on overall process performance has been key in our selection," said Torben Feldskou Jensen, Business Process Manager at BankInvest. "We wanted a system where the business process managers can set up processes and make changes to the system without the need to be constantly using our IT resource. Teamworks allows us to do this and much more."

BankInvest is one of the leading independent global asset managers in the Nordic region with 200 employees headquartered in Copenhagen. The group offers investment expertise in a number of areas ranging from global equities, over emerging market equities and debt via regular bonds to private equity and venture capital funds. Regular client investment reports are critical in building the close client relationships which BankInvest enjoys.

These client investment reports are produced on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis and previously have involved passing multiple files between the different investment analysts to provide their expert input. With in excess of 150 reports being produced at any one time, there are an equal number of parallel processes that must be handled and executed simultaneously. This was previously a time-consuming and complex process, as there are many interested parties involved in the preparation the individual reports; requiring a number of changes of responsibility and transfers of assignments during each individual process.

Using Teamworks, BankInvest has now completely automated this process, enabling eacng each investment analyst to provide their input to the report as required. As a result, managers can now identify when and where delays are occurring, as well as refine the process when needed. Initially, BankInvest has focused on the quarterly and part of the annual report process, the project will now be expanded to include the total annual and half-yearly and then monthly reports.

"BankInvest is a leader in client service. Using Teamworks lets them continuously improve their processes and the service that they provide to their clients," said Alan Godfrey, executive vice president and general manager, Lombardi Europe. "We are proud to be helping financial services companies across Europe with their process improvement initiatives."

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