Fair Isaac reports Sinsys, Home Credit deals; partners with Adeptra

Source: Fair Isaac Corporation

Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced at its InterACT customer conference that European payment card processor SiNSYS has successfully integrated Fair Isaac's newest TRIAD adaptive control technology with its processing platform.

The account management solution will help European payment card issuers more effectively manage risk, build customer loyalty and grow credit and charge card portfolios.

A major Dutch card issuer is among the first SiNSYS clients to migrate their payment card portfolios to Fair Isaac's new TRIAD platform 8.3. The migration marks the first time a TRIAD 8 system has been utilized to help issuers not only manage credit cards, but also design and execute more profitable account-level strategies for charge card portfolios.

"As many of our customers have expanded their business, their need for high-quality, secure and reliable account management solutions for safely managing risk and growth is more important than ever," said Nicola Cordone, Chief Executive Officer at SiNSYS. "Fair Isaac's TRIAD system continues to lead the competition in being able to deliver accurate and timely results on large transaction volumes, and the newest version will add significant strength and capabilities to our payment card processing solutions."

The new platform also offers family-level account management functionality, which enables issuers to consider the risk of other known financial relationships in the household and manage the risk and rewards among members in a more effective, coherent and efficient way. To deliver this advanced service, the TRIAD system has been integrated with the SiNSYS processing system (CSC's CAMS II), which is designed to identify and configure family account structures and deploy advanced predictive modeling for analyzing risk across family relationships.

The TRIAD system 8.3 also provides clients with increased flexibility in how they utilize the system to process key decision areas, including credit line management, authorizations, collections, reissue, marketing, and pricing. Additionally, the upgraded version offers improved performance in processing speed, which is particularly important to clients with large portfolios and multiple products. cts.

"Increasing payments performance is at or near the top of every issuer's list of priorities," said Jerry Ferlisi, vice president of processor relationships at Fair Isaac. "The integration of TRIAD's highly predictive and localised scoring models into the SiNSYS processing platform is a significant event for issuers across Europe."

Separately, Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, today announced at its InterACT customer conference that Home Credit Group, a major consumer finance player in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and Central Asia, has selected Fair Isaac's proven software technologies for Enterprise Decision Management (EDM).

The integrated solution will enable Home Credit Group to implement automated decision strategies to further enhance profitable growth in consumer lending operations, and support its long-term growth objectives across the CEE and Central Asia region.

Under terms of the agreement, Home Credit Group selected three core Fair Isaac EDM technologies that will help the lender build its own enterprise-wide risk management infrastructure to automate, improve and connect decisions for enhanced business performance. The EDM technologies include Blaze Advisor™ business rules management system, Model Builder and Decision Optimizer. By bringing together business rules and advanced analytics in a single decision service, Home Credit Group will be able to deliver the optimal origination decision to each customer transaction across products, countries and touchpoints.

"This agreement with Home Credit Group offers us significant opportunities to broaden the reach of our market-leading tools and expertise for Enterprise Decision Management in the fast-growing credit markets of Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia," said Robert Duque-Ribeiro, vice president and managing director of Europe, Middle East and Africa Markets at Fair Isaac. "We are committed to delivering premier EDM solutions and technologies that seamlessly integrate and interoperate with our clients' decision environments. This agility and scalability will help such leading financial services providers as Home Credit to keep pace with the growing demand for consumer credit, while enabling fast, concise and precise decisions across the entire group of companies."
"As consumer credit markets in CEE and Central Asia continue to develop and mature, we are keenly aware of the importance of having sophisticated decision technology in place that can support our growth and further improve our responsible lending capabilities through rigorous risk management," said Pavel Vyhnalek, Group Chief Risk Officer at Home Credit Group. "Fair Isaac has a strong reputation and proven track record in decision and risk management across Europe and Asia. We believe that this robust set of rules management and analytic capabilities will deliver a significant competitive advantage. It gives us the efficiency, agility and speed-to-market that we need to best serve our rapidly growing customer base."

Home Credit Group initially will roll out Fair Isaac's EDM tools in the rapidly growing consumer finance markets of Russia and Belarus. The group plans to expand its use of Fair Isaac technologies to cover operations in other emerging markets in CEE and Central Asia, and China and Vietnam in the near future.

Separately, Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, and Adeptra Inc., the top global provider of automated contact and resolution services for consumer credit and risk management, today announced at Fair Isaac's 2008 European InterACT customer conference a strategic partnership to integrate Adeptra's auto-resolution technology with Fair Isaac's industry-leading decision management solutions for fraud detection and collections.

The combined technology enables financial services clients to fully automate and streamline their customer contact capabilities, from reaching and engaging the individual customer to resolving transactions via multiple contact channels including voice, email, SMS (Short Message Service), fax and pagers. By better managing important interactions with customers, lenders can now catch more fraud faster and improve collection service levels from over-limit to recovery, while significantly reducing costs associated with their customer contact center operations.

As an integral part of Fair Isaac's Falcon Fraud Manager for payment card fraud detection, Adeptra's auto-resolution services will allow card issuers to automatically contact cardholders regarding suspicious transactions identified by the system's proven neural network models and other predictive technologies. If the transaction is genuine, the integrated solution will capture the cardholder's verification; if it is not, the issuer can take immediate action to stop the fraudulent transaction and prevent further losses. Transaction results are fed back into the solution to dynamically update strategies.

"The most successful lenders are challenging fraud risk management and collection conventions, and leveraging analytics and interactive automation technology more than ever before," said David Lightfoot, vice president, Product Management, at Fair Isaac. "Adeptra's market-leading services complement our fraud and collections offerings. They offer our clients an efficient and effective way of managing time-sensitive and vital interactions with their customers while benefiting from extensive process and operational cost savings."

Deployed in combination with Fair Isaac's Debt Manager workflow solution for collections and recovery, the solution eliminates capacity problems and allows issuers to contact customers sooner in the debt cycle, reducing the cost of provisioning and increasing customer satisfaction and payments collected. Fair Isaac analytics drive the contact strategies that find the best channel and time for each debtor, and rules-based technology helps manage the contact. For example, the solution can send an automatic payment reminder to a good customer, take payments via the phone, or put high-risk customers in contact with a live agent.

"Adeptra is well-known in the financial services industry for helping companies use technology applications to realize greater return on investment, increase revenues, and enhance productivity for their operations," said Lou Venezia, CEO at Adeptra. "Our partnership with Fair Isaac is a win for both companies and provides our shared clients with an immediate advantage - best-in-class technologies seamlessly integrated to help them take their fraud and collections operations to the next level."

The combined service from Fair Isaac and Adeptra is available immediately to Fair Isaac customers as part of Fair Isaac's fraud and collection solutions. The partnership takes advantage of standard application programming interfaces between the companies' data systems and applications for fast and easy implementation.

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