Aleri teams with Lab49

Source: Aleri

Aleri Inc., the leading provider of enterprise-class complex event processing (CEP) technology, and Lab49, a consulting firm that specializes in building advanced applications for global financial institutions, today announced a partnership to provide advanced tools for consolidating, analyzing and visualizing market information.

Based on Aleri's Market Liquidity Analysis (MLA) engine, these tools are designed to address key challenges when competing in today's fragmented market. Benefits include order book consolidation, quote records and market analytics, as well as compliance and best execution.

"Due to MiFID and RegNMS, we have seen increasing demand for tools that can consolidate market data in a fragmented market and analyze full market depth, and we developed our MLA engine to address these needs," said Ian Hillier-Brook, EMEA channels sales director at Aleri. "We are excited to partner with Lab49, whose expertise and dedication to the capital markets industry has helped us build a framework that will enable financial services customers to visualize the full potential of Aleri's full market liquidity analysis powered by CEP technology."

Aleri's MLA engine is one of the first of its kind to offer consolidated market data analysis. It empowers brokers and traders to optimize results across competing exchanges and, by integrating Aleri's MLA engine with Lab49's visual framework, they can view the overall results in a rich visual format that provides insight into market dynamics.

In addition, it enables them to consolidate trade reports, quotes and order books across multiple exchanges in real-time, creating a single virtual order book that represents the liquidity of the entire visible market along with the capability to produce a consolidated last price and best bid/offer record for each security.

"At Lab49 we are continuously looking to develop and provide our clients with new tools to help them improve performance and efficiency," said Vivake Gupta, co-founder and managing director at Lab49. "The new MLA engine and visualizations help traders and brokers to enhance their market analysis capabilities by allowing them to view and comprehend a tremendous amount of market data very quickly. Beyond the obvious use by firms to help them trade in compliance with U.S. and EuropEEuropean market regulations, the analytics provided by Aleri have also enabled us to create an end product to visualize market data and risk in innovative ways to additionally help these firms gain a competitive edge in trading."

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